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    Monster Mash!

    A question. Does the woldwide monster mash still happen around March ...ish? Dave

    Goliath Monster Mash

    Apologies folks! The monster Mash scheduled for the 23rd April (tomorrow) is now cancelled. Due to unforseen circumstances like the yeast not arriving in time and a lack of volunteer brewers. The last beer brewed by JSB is an absolute belter though and will be available for tasting along with...

    Useless Brewing Book

    Put this on the Goliath Site a few days ago. Watch out! Hullo all, Another example of a brewing book written by a brewer that doesn't understand brewing has just arrived in the post. "Shifty's Home Brews and Favourite food" By Ian Sheldon. Whilst the recipes are interesting and we are...

    Monster Mash

    Folks, Next Monster Mash will be Sat 12th March. Here at the shop. Standard format, BBQ etc, however we might have some wyeast culturing going on. Who wants the Master brewer job for the day? Regards Dave

    Monster Mash

    So......Whos coming to Goliath for the free barbeque and beer and an opportunity to see a no doubt hung over Batz make an AG Fat Tire copy! I need to know how many snags to buy. Regards Dave

    State Amateur Brewers Show (sabsosa)

    State Brewing Comp is on in earnest. Any brewer that brews with Goliath can bring their beer in for a Pre-Judging. If I am happy with it I will pay the entry fee. WHO, WHERE & WHEN The State Amateur Brewers Show of South Australia (SABSOSA) is now in its eighth year as South Australias...

    Monster Mash Sat 12th

    Folks, I'm just a newbie on this board, so I will apologise in advance if I have posted this note in the wrong section. Jayse is making an AG Oatmeal stout here at the 'G' Spot on Saturday. We are putting on a free barbeque and similar format to the Big Brew 2004 Day. There will be some...

    G'day From Dave

    G'Day all, Thought i'd have a bit of a fox's breakfast (sniff and a look around) of the forum this morning. I must have had my head up my arse over the last few years as this forum is pretty good! I apologise for not visiting before. I think I did once when I was a "Grumpy". I have viewed a...