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  1. Jordy007

    My first BIAB - American Pale Ale

    From my understanding, APA is quite hoppy and aromatic..? Quite a few weeks ago I did as the title states, my first BIAB. Turned out delicious! Well I think so anyways. Downside is, I only have a 20L stock pot to use :( Here is the little recipe. Might ease up on one of the hop additions next...
  2. Jordy007

    First Attempt at BIAB!

    Hi all! After some feedback on my first BIAB and things I could change. I only have a small pot and the ingredients are as follows.. 1kg pale malt 2 row 1kg Maris otter 20g chinook @ 60mins 20g galaxy @ 30mins 20g galaxy @ 0mins 1.5kg extra pale malt extract 1kg dry light malt Thinking of dry...
  3. Jordy007

    Another newbie from Newy!

    Hi guys and gals! I recently got all of my brew gear out of storage where it's been sitting for the past 4-5 years! Didn't realise how much you forget in that amount of time! Interested in the scientific aspect of brewing as well as sipping on the fruits of my labour. Always looking to learn...