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  1. Birdbeak55

    Recommendations for Malt Extract???

    Hey guys I've been doing extract brews for a couple years now and currently have a large stock of Dextrose and Light Dry Malt in the way of sugars. I'm looking to purchase another type and am unsure.... As ny tips are greatly appreciated. I'm regularly brewing pale Ales, IPAs, Wheat beer, a...
  2. Birdbeak55


    Hey guys in short ive been using air hose into a milk bottle full of sodium percarbonateas an air lock. Basicly i was waiting for wort to cool i plugged the airlock on and im guessing the changing temperature created a vacume and drainef im guessing 700ml of water with about a tablespoon of...
  3. Birdbeak55

    Frementation Issues - Foam refluxing out airlock.

    ** IN SHORT BREW IS FERMENTING AND CREATING EXCESS FOAM AND MIXING WITH HOPP RESIDUE AND ERUPTING BACK OUT MY AIRLOCK. (For more datailed description read below) Currently brewing a 23ltr coopers Heffe wheat beer kit. Initially i boiled 12ltrs water with 300g LDM ,30g Halletau & 30g cascade...