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  1. Thunderlips

    Danstar Munich German Wheat Dry Yeast

    As I often do with things, I read the instructions afterwards... Normally with dried yeast, such as US56 or the one that comes with the Coopers kit, you can just throw the yeast into the fermenter, close the lid and away you go. Now after two days and no action I read this... "Sprinkle the...
  2. Thunderlips

    Reducing Water Boil Amount In Extract Recipe

    Another book, another recipe. This time for Timothy Taylors Landlord. The extract recipes in "Brew Your Own British Real Ale" call for an 18 litre boil. For this recipe it says for a 23 litre brew (I imagine you add the extra water to the 18L ater the boil and transfering to the fermenter?)...
  3. Thunderlips

    Coopers Sparkling Extract Recipe

    Hi all, A little while back I bought the Brew Your Own magazine "150 Classic Recipes" and it has a recipe in there for Coopers Sparkling, both all grain and extract. The only Aussie beer in the magazine btw. I'll be brewing the extract version. Anyway, the recipe calls for 680gms of 2-row...
  4. Thunderlips

    Belhaven Scottish Ale

    Hi all, Found this ProMash all grain recipe for the above beer, one of my favourites. Since I have no idea, is it easy to convert to an extract recipe? If so, would someone be kind enough to have a go? Thanks.
  5. Thunderlips

    Candy Sugar

    I've got an extract recipe here (Coopers Sparkling) that calls for 500 gm Belgian candi sugar (white). I see that Grain and Grape sell 1kg clear syrup but how would that convert from volume (seeing as it's liquid) to weight? Is that...
  6. Thunderlips

    Boiling 12 Litres On A Gas Stovetop

    I reckon I've been trying to boil 12 litres now for near on 45 minutes in a 20L aluminium stock pot. I'm starting to wonder if it can manage it. Can it? Or do I need to get one of those outdoor burners?
  7. Thunderlips

    Beer Wizard, Beer & Brewer

    I noticed in the latest Beer & Brewer that both ESB's 3kg Czech Pilsener and Brew Wizards Saint Obnoxious Pilsner both get good raps. I can't seem to find anyone that sells the Brew Wizard stuff except for Brewers Choice but I can't get their Paypal cart system to work...
  8. Thunderlips

    Font Beer Signs

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere that sells these things direct to the public? You see them pop up on Ebay from time to time but you could wait forever for the kind you want.
  9. Thunderlips


    Does anyone own one of these things? I've got a large keg fridge out in the garage but wouldn't mind one of these in the house. Not as far to walk :) and they look pretty fancy too with the stainless door. Anyway, my questions, do you think an Andale 3 tap T-bar font would go on top of this...
  10. Thunderlips

    Dealsdirect And Beer?

    Who'd have thought. Dealsdirect are now selling beer. They've got Hoegaarden for $54.95. I compared the price to the likes of "The Beer Store" and a 24 pack is nearly $15 cheaper. But then you've got to factor in postage which is $9.95 for a slab. How much does this usually go for at the...
  11. Thunderlips

    Dry Hopping

    Hi all, This follows on from a topic I recently brought up regarding hop floaties in the keg after using pelletes in a tea ball. I still haven't tried using a stocking as others have mentioned...I'll likely get to that eventually. So now I'd like to try flowers. Surely there'd be no floaties...
  12. Thunderlips

    Hop Balls In Kegs...

    Hi all, I've tried a hop ball before, the kind that Ross sells, in a keg but have found that when I poured a beer there were little floaties all over the place. But, I force carbonated the keg with the hop ball already inside. So I imagine this would have contributed a lot to that. So I'm...
  13. Thunderlips

    38l Water Jug/cooler

    I've seen some people using these with their all grain setups and Ross has one he uses for his party keg, with a nice Celli tap attached to it. For those who might be interested, Ray's Outdoors is selling them until 24th December for half price at $49.95. I got my brother to pick me one up from...
  14. Thunderlips

    Extract Brewing

    Hi all, I've never tried extract brewing before. With all the recipes out there the temptation is too great. I've been having a bit of a read of various instructions all over the place and thought this one was fairly clear and it seems easy enough...
  15. Thunderlips

    Co2 Rental Price Increase

    I've only just read the last two Grain&Grape newsletters and see that their special deal with Air Liquide came to an end on the 17th March. So the rental price goes from $17.95 a year to $129.50, putting Victoria in line with the other states. In the last newsletter they say "There are...
  16. Thunderlips

    Frozen Chimay :(

    I bought a bottle of this the other day when I was swapping over my gas bottle at Grain & Grape. Also picked up a bottle of Bishops Finger. I've never tried either of them before. G&G have a lot of their imported beer just sitting on a shelf. Anyway, while filtering and kegging one of my brews I...
  17. Thunderlips

    Shirron Vs Ventmatic

    I receieved two Shirron taps on Monday from Northern Brewer, ordered last Tuesday. Comparing them to my Ventmatics there are some differences, even though they are apparently made by the exact same machinery as used for the Ventmatics. Both have two copyright numbers under the tap. The first...
  18. Thunderlips

    Malthouse Brew Supplies

    Has anyone made an online order from this store? I ordered something over a week ago and the order status still shows as "new". I realise they are in WA and orders can take a while to get to Vic but I'm wondering if they update the order status page. If I don't hear anything next week I'll give...
  19. Thunderlips

    Esb Fresh Wort Mix Up?

    A little while back I kegged an ESB American pale ale (wyeast 1056) and just today an Amber ale (wyeast 1318). I swear they both taste the same, it's as if an American pale ale wort has been wrongly marked as Amber ale. Has anyone else tried both of these?
  20. Thunderlips

    Chill Haze?

    I remember a while back while on the subject of filters that Ross mentioned that kit beers don't have chill haze. There was mention of it originating from proteins in the malt of all grain beers, or something like that :) Anyway, this has me wondering. Why is it that when a kit beer has been...