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  1. PWilko

    FREE - Fermenting boxes - insulated

    I’d love one of these. I’ve sent a PM.
  2. PWilko

    K&K NEIPA recipe wanted

    hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has tried to make a NEIPA from a K&K and if you have a recipe for one. I love this style of beer and I'd love to make it. Cheer
  3. PWilko

    Beer not carbonated???

    Thanks guys I'll bring them inside where my house temp is constantly 18-20 degrees. How long do you suggest I leave them at this temp before putting in fridge and opening??
  4. PWilko

    Beer not carbonated???

    Hi mtb I've been storing them under my house which is any where for 3 - 12 degrees this time of year, the last one I opened I put in the fridge for a few days before I opened it and it was still flat.
  5. PWilko

    Beer not carbonated???

    Hi guys I recently put down a Carona kit which finished and hit all the expected numbers so I bottled it in glass stubbies with one carb drop in each. I've done this with all my other brews and have been great but it's been a month in the bottle now and I've opened 2 now and neither of them...
  6. PWilko

    Bucchus brewing JAF

    Looking to brew a clone of Bacchus Brewings JAF and I'm wondering if anyone here has tried to clone it or has some ideas as to what the recipe would be. Love to here you thoughts. Cheers