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  1. wareemba

    Ascorbic acid & citric acid in pear juice cans?

    these two things are in the Goulburn Valley Pear juice cans. two weeks ago - i added 3L of my normal apple juice (Cedar Creek from Harris Farm) with 850mL of Pear juice to a fermenter with 5g of EC1118 (that thad been in the fridge for 12 months). so nothing happened, so i though the yeast was...
  2. wareemba

    doing two vats - Cedar Creek juice + EC-1118 & 71B

    so i got 20L of the bottled Cedar Creek juice from Harris Farm, put 10L in each fermenter and added 10g of EC-1118 to one and 10g of 71b to the other... so far (3 days) the EC has got a nice foam, but the 71B has only got nice bubbles. i lost my air-lock thingys, so using glad wrap and...
  3. wareemba

    "fresh" apple juice cider not doing much after 5 days

    i got 20L of fresh apple juice (unpasteurised, came refrigerated) and put in fermenter and got the temp up to 21 degrees then pitched the Mangrove Jacks MO2 cider yeast and put the lid on. there are a few bubbles on the top of the juice (like the size of a beer coaster), but the gravity is...
  4. wareemba

    n00b Q - if i have a fermetned cider, can i add more juice to it and r

    hi, I have a 20L of apple juice which had 10g of safcider yeast added. it bubbled and fermented out to around .999 in a weekish... I transferred this to another fermenter and there it has sat for 6 days. (was going to bottle on the weekend) my wife loved the cider & blood orange brew I did in...
  5. wareemba

    broke hydrometer test jar - what else could i use?

    broke the plastic test receptacle (not the hydrometer!) whats a good alternative?
  6. wareemba

    first sparkling cider - about to bottle, but lots of alcohol?

    our scenario: 5 litre glass demijohn 2 litre of nudie apple juice 500 mL Preshafruit Pink Lady cold pressed juice ~2.2L water 150 gram of dextrose 2.5 gram of EC-8111 yeast (kicked off at 25'C) bubbled like a champion for a week then stopped. SG is around 1000 (no starting measurement) - will...