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    40L Crown Urn for Reflux Still

    Hi all, I have a 40L crown urn which is part of my 3 vessel system. I've had it for 10+ years, it was also my BIAB rig for a few years, it's been bulletproof. I'm looking to get a reflux still and trying to find a 47mm hole adapter lid to fit the urn for one of the stills available on the...
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    CraftBeerPi Reliability

    It turns out my reliability issues were due to the GPIO buttons. I stopped using them and upgraded to a pi3 and it works well!
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    Hot. Interested to see how much it costs, ifI seriously consider selling my shed load of gear to buy!
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    CraftBeerPi Reliability

    Mine works well, it can be a little laggy from the control interface at times (I'm using a pi2) but had no issues on brew day, I've brewed well over a dozen beers on a RIMS system. Just got an iSpindel up and running, next step trip with CBPi...
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    Home Grown Wet Hop Fail

    Hi Folks, I recently made a fairly standard pale ale and added 150g of wet hops from my garden in at the end of the boil (in a hop bag). They were in there for 15 mins while i started my immersion chiller then i removed them at squeezed out the aborbed wort back into the my boiler. My beer...