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    My kegolator degasses itself

    it looks like it's the regulator. When you turn up the regulator tap, it releases the gas. I thought it was a good one - Kegland Mk4. Any suggestions for a good regulator?
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    My kegolator degasses itself

    Thanks for your reply. Been busy doing other things, but will go through the steps you suggested. I'm going to try my grandchildren's bubble mixture to see if I can get better bubbles than detergent! Regards David
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    My kegolator degasses itself

    Hi. I have been lurking for about a year, and find very useful both for recipes and ideas. I'm now asking for some technical help. I have a kegland kegolator and I am having some real trouble with the set-up degassing itself. It will be fine one night, and the next, the...
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    comparison chart for Australian vs UK and US grains

    Is there a comparison chart for Australian versions of UK and US grains and hops? My local home brew shop has a variety of grains, but they are not the same as what I find in UK and US recipes. Its the same with hops. The shop has a comparison chart, but it would be good to have my own...