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  1. Thunderlips

    Hooking up a Soda Stream machine to a 6kg C02 bottle

    I've had one for a few years as well and it does work nicely. These days I just use a 9 or 19 litre keg and carb up the water and pour from the tap.
  2. Thunderlips whata ya got?

    Thanks. Interesting about the sticker since they are listed in the KL website.
  3. Thunderlips whata ya got?

    I'm kind of surprised that Grain and Grape refill or swap these bottles considering that they sell the 6.8kg (empty) MyKegOnLegs bottle for near on $300, compared to KegLand's $99 for the full 6kg bottle. That's quite a saving. Anyone know if it's swap and go or do they refill it?
  4. Thunderlips

    Coopers Cerveza Head Problem?

    Have you tried a nucleated glass such as Headmaster. They can often help beer that can't hold a head.
  5. Thunderlips

    Refilling Soda Stream @ home

    I would have snapped that up but the site says out of stock so I emailed them and the reply was that it is discontinued :(
  6. Thunderlips

    Refilling Soda Stream @ home

    Finding someone in my area that refills fire extinguishers, especially with food grade CO2, might be a bit of a mission. You upside down trick sounds like the go. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Thunderlips

    Refilling Soda Stream @ home

    I'm planning on buying a setup that allows you to fill the sodastream bottles from a larger bottle, like my 6kg bottle. It's not exactly cheap though, at about $100 plus shipping from the US. But in the long run it'll work out cheaper. Here's the gadget...
  8. Thunderlips

    Portable single keg set-up

    Just looks like a standard brumby tap. I've used that set up quite a while ago and from memory it works fine but you have to turn the pressure down really low. Or better yet, as you said, use a flow control tap like these nice Perlicks...
  9. Thunderlips

    Portable single keg set-up

    I bought one of these myself and mentioned that it's a nice bit of kit but unfortunately mine doesn't work any more. The pin that pops the co2 cartridge broke, so it's useless :( So for now I'm using the co2 charger that i've had for a while...
  10. Thunderlips

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    Would be nice if it did but I don't know the sizes either. I have in the past just used a full sized Harris regulator with a sodastream adaptor but then it's not so portable. Then there is the mini Leyland reg but the 74gm bulbs are expensive.
  11. Thunderlips

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    I think this was the link that he posted, and it's who I bought from. I received mine the next day but I'm in the same state. It's a good piece of kit and a hell of a lot cheaper than the mini Leyland reg.
  12. Thunderlips

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    I bought one after seeing MrTbeer's post. Thanks MrTbeer :) I wish that reg was around a few years ago before I bought that expensive mini Leyland reg.
  13. Thunderlips

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    Same bloke I bought the 50 pack from. Those cartidges (if they are the same as what's in the picture) are RAV X which are supposed to be food grade. Doesn't look like they would be any good for the Tap King bottles but would suit people with party kegs.
  14. Thunderlips

    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    It's a shame you need 12g and not 16g. You can get a 50 pack of food grade 16g's on Ebay for $47 with free delivery. I just bought some to use with my 9 litre keg.
  15. Thunderlips

    Easily available 250ml bottles?

    I prefer the shape of the Tooheys bottle myself. My local Dan's doesn't have it in stock but according to the website they can be ordered for delivery. I'd imagine the glass would be quite thin though.
  16. Thunderlips

    Perlick Flow Control Taps

    My two taps drip. Over the years I've gotten into the habbit of disconnecting my beer lines after use so it's not really a problem, unless I forget. Maybe I should do like Frothie and partially disassemble them. Maybe some of this stuff might help...
  17. Thunderlips

    ebay and gum tree finds

    I bought some of this in the bottle version last year from Celebrations. Nasty stuff. I presume it's still available but I haven't looked. Here's their website, in German... A bit more about it here..
  18. Thunderlips

    Mildura Brewery Choc Hops Stout

    I bought a 4 pack from Woolworths a few weeks backs and I really liked it. They were trying to sell the case of 16's for $80. Dan's is a more respectable $66 but I think I'll stick to the odd 4 pack every now and then. I've always wanted to have a go at making one myself with a Coopers stout...
  19. Thunderlips

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    Been a while since I've had it but I remember it as quite average. Don't let the name fool you, it's not made anywhere near Europe.
  20. Thunderlips

    Whats In The Glass (commercial)

    It all looks very nice but your Headmaster glass does not appear to be working.