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  1. Gloveski


    I recently brought one of these little units so when I am away from work I could monitor how my brews are going and get the wife to adjust pressure settings so I had perfectly carbed beer . I have only used it the once and I dont control my temp fridge as of yet with it I just use the 3rd probe...
  2. Gloveski

    Leaving wort overnight

    Quick question has anyone left there wort overnight in their boiler. Was thinking of mashing in tonight then bringing up to boil for 5 minues and then turning off and then leaving overnight? Or should bring it to the boil and then keep at about 80 degrees ? Or is it simply a bad idea ?
  3. Gloveski

    Pressure Transfer Issues

    Righto guys I have an issue with the last two brews and for the life of me I cant work out what went wrong. I pressure ferment and then pressure transferred to two kegs under pressure with loose hops, put the dip tube in a hop filter. I successfully done this on the last two previous brews...
  4. Gloveski

    Assistance needed with using Motueka and Sorachi Ace Hops for the first time

    I am trying to come up with a lemon/lime flavoured beer using Motueka and Sorachi hops This is the current recipe for a 21 litre batch that I have come up with, but I am not sure of how much of the hops to use. I am happy with grainbill at this stage as I want a pacific Ale style mouthfeel. I am...
  5. Gloveski

    Using Yeast as Yeast Nutrient

    Just wondering does anyone else use some of there old Yeast as yeast nutrient . I have some yeast a few months old in the fridge that will need to go back into a dark lager if I reuse. I was wondering if I could just use this a nutrient in the boil ?
  6. Gloveski

    Shearwater Tas water profile

    Hi guys can people more in the know have a look at the water profile for my area . Had a few issues with my wife saying my brews were a bit soapy tasting . I have changed my cleaning up and wont really know until the next few beers are brewed (doing one change at a time. Having said that my...
  7. Gloveski

    Bi carb soda can it give a soapy mouthfeel ?

    My wife reckons most of my beers have a sopy taste to them , personally I can't taste it but have had a few beers with a not nomal bitter aftertaste. I use bicarb soda and water to soak plastic fermenters in for inbetween use . Not sure why I do this but I am starting to wonder if the bicarb...
  8. Gloveski

    What beast am I brewing here ?

    Hopefully shows up in the photo , from as soon as I chucked this brew in the fermenter it had all these funny looking blotches on the side of the fermenter . I am presuming it's a bit of a mixture of trub , cold and hotbreak as I tried to get the most out of the bottom of the grainfather as I...
  9. Gloveski

    Re using yeast slurry questions

    Well I had my first go at reusing yeast from my last batch after having minimal trubb and some really nice looking yeast cake. So I thought well I'm brewing again in a few days so I might aswell use it and see how it goes. I put down a double brew day yesterday. The yeast came from a brew that...
  10. Gloveski

    When do you use gelatine ?

    Well a few brews down for me now and I have tried two different ways to use gelatine. 1) Use in the fermenter during cold crash and then rack off to keg. 2) Use gelatine in Keg during racking stage. For me 1 wins hands down for clarity , I was stuck with no brew left in kegs and tried version...
  11. Gloveski

    Modus Operandi Session IPA recipe help

    Well just tried this one with a mate not a bad sessionable beer that the mrs even liked so I have been hit up to have a go at trying to make this Was wondering if anyone has had a go at making something simular ? Bit of research and ingredients are pale ale , carahell and oats . With hops...
  12. Gloveski

    Grainfather recipe creator

    The grainfather recipe creator is up and running first look looks easy enough to export recipes to the connect , cloud based system and a few recipes on there already is the site
  13. Gloveski

    Kickstarter growler chill

    Don't mind the look of this one
  14. Gloveski

    First all grain brew has my Yeast stalled?

    Hi all I have my first two all grain brews in my fermenting fridge , both had yest pitched same day , one has fermented out and the other seems to have stalled or may have finished aswell not sure. My target OG was 1.047 and FG 1.008 my actual OG came in higher at 1.051 and FG has stopped at...
  15. Gloveski

    All Grain Brewers on North West of Tassie

    Interested to see how many all grain brewers on the north west there is and were everyone is getting their grain , hops etc. Also were you are getting your co2 bottles filled up at :beer:
  16. Gloveski

    Launceston Beerfest, Kick Snare Brewery

    Went to the Launceston beerfest yesterday. As a new brewer found it to be an awesome day to try different types of brew. Highlight was Kick Snare Brewing .....there Smashitup XPA was simply the nicest beer I have ever tasted. Thought I would mention it here incase anyone was going along today.
  17. Gloveski

    Country Trading Store All Grain Kits

    Just wondering if any one has tried any of the country trading store all grain kits ? Having recently purchased a grainfather was looking at doing some kits before I adventure into experimenting with my own brews. As I am an hour away from my local brew store I can easily purchase these online...
  18. Gloveski

    First go at lagering need some advice please

    Well I bit the bullet and just purchased a grainfather after about 6 KK brews that turned out quite well after a few initial troubles hear and there The first kit I recieved with my grainfather is the tasty as helles lager. I have a fermentation fridge set up which will be ideal for the...
  19. Gloveski

    Kegged beer and cider flat

    Need some help guys, I kegged my first beer and cider and the taste I'm really happy with but unfortunately they go flat really quickly. My method was to force carb at 30psi for 24 hours and then drop to 12psi for about 6 days. I have no leaks as it has held the 12psi . I'm really not sure...
  20. Gloveski

    add pear flavouring before cold crashing and gelatine ?

    Quick question my first attempt at a pear cider has finished fermenting and now am looking at adding in the pear flavouring. As I am looking at cold crashing and using gelatine aswell in what order should I do all this in ? Should I add the pear flavouring in at current temp of 18 for a few...