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  1. RobW

    Free - used 30 litre plastic fermenters

    I have used 3x 30 litre fermenters with lids. A few years old but in good nick. No scratches or dings. Could be used if you’re feeling brave (sours or Brett?) or would make good grain storage. Pickup only from Ivanhoe, Melbourne. Please pm me for details.
  2. RobW

    Free keg fridge - Melbourne

    I have a 473 litre Westinghouse all fridge (no freezer), drilled for gas and taps, free to a good home. Runs well and stays cold. Also a couple of clean but old plastic fermenters that would be OK to store grain in. Pickup only from Ivanhoe, available from Friday the 12th. PM if interested
  3. RobW

    Brut IPA

    No not the anti-perspirant
  4. RobW

    Lost & Grounded - Alex Troncoso

    Nice story featuring Alex Troncoso who has occasionally popped up on this forum in the past
  5. RobW

    Should we really trust Google Translate?

    Maybe not. This from a Swedish brewers blog. I was particularly intrigued by the underlined sections: Exhaustion and page batch At 9 o'clock, the hot mash was already ready and ready and ready for the malt to be transferred to another saucepan. I got 16 liters on the entire SG 1,036 which...
  6. RobW

    Late/Whirlpool hopping an IPA with Styrians

    Has anybody tried a big whirlpool addition of Styrians into an English IPA? How hard can you go before the marmalade takes over?
  7. RobW

    New Trappist brewery in UK

  8. RobW

    1.5" Tri Clover to Ball Lock GAS Post

    Does anybody know a local or ebay source for these? The only ones I can find are in the US and either don't ship here or are very exxy. Cheers Rob
  9. RobW


    From Beer & Brewer The Brewers Association (BA) in America has announced the craft brewing community’s intent to ‘Take Craft Back from Big Beer’, launching the largest crowdfunding campaign ever – with a target of $213 billion – to buy Anheuser-Busch InBev. $212,998,000,000 to go!
  10. RobW

    Sydney Craft Brewing Course

    From Beer & Brewer Following the success of TAFE NSW’s inaugural Certificate III in Food Processing (Microbrewing) run in 2017, the call is going out for applicants for the 2018 intake
  11. RobW

    For Sale Fermentation/Serving Fridge

    Fisher & Paykel C190 - 192 litres, all fridge In excellent working order. Used only for fermentation but could double as a serving fridge (2 kegs). Fitted with a low wattage globe for heating. Selling only because it won't fit my new fermenter. $100 ONO
  12. RobW

    Combo serving/fermenting fridge

    I'm kinda drawn to this idea to save space, power and just because it's cool. However I'm no sparky (so would get this done professionally). Any tips on what to look out for or better ways of going about it before I go out and buy the wrong unit? Cheers Rob
  13. RobW


    A nice precis of the role of temperature in brewing by Randy Mosher
  14. RobW

    $1.5M Govt grant for Holgate brewing discovery centre

    From The Age
  15. RobW

    Two Up Pale Ale

    Veteran support group Young Veterans has commissioned a beer that they hope will feature heavily at pubs and RSL clubs across Australia on ANZAC Day this year.
  16. RobW

    Brew dog open Brewery/Hotel
  17. RobW

    Australian Pale Ale

    I was watching a YouTube vid about the and while talking about his beers the brewer mentioned that one was modelled on an Australian Pale Ale which had been brewed by the Ashby Brewery in Staines which closed in the 1930s. A bit of googling found this which says amongst other things: By...
  18. RobW

    Keg vs Cask and the relevance of CAMRA
  19. RobW

    Fermenters, heat belts & bottle tree for sale

    Hi brewers Having a clean up and found some things I don't use any more. 3 fermenters (clean & usable), 1 18 litre cube, 2 heat belts and a bottle tree $75 the lot, prefer not to split Pickup only Ivanhoe, Melbourne please PM, Rob
  20. RobW

    See you next Tuesday

    Tourism NT style