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  1. Armstrong

    Wacol HBS moved to Jindalee Qld

    An FYI for the Queensland brewers, The Home brew store at Wacol has been relocated to - 2/66 Curragundi Rd, JINDALEE, Qld, 4074 Phone: (07) 3160 1198 Cheers
  2. Armstrong

    Employment Opportunity

    Employment Opportunity / Prospect HQ We require the services of a full time employee to assist with retail sales and wholesale orders at our head office facility in Prospect, NSW. Duties - Service retail customers. - Weighing, packaging and sealing product. - Working as part of a team...
  3. Armstrong

    Brisbane Tradies Wanted

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a tradies that can build a packing room in our warehouse at Wacol in Brissy. Basically 2 walls and a roof so we can air condition the space so we can pack powdered malt etc away from both the heat and the humidity. I want to get onto this pretty quickly, so If you can...
  4. Armstrong

    FREE 44 Gallon Drums

    Free to good home :) Empty Coopers 44 gallon malt drums. Currently have about 20 but we empty around 4 per week. Pick up Monday to Saturday Country Brewer - Prospect 4 / 22 Rowood Road PROSPECT, NSW, 2148 (02) 9896-1366
  5. Armstrong

    Mel Robson Rip

    I was recently shocked to receive news that Mel Robson (the founder of ESB) had passed away. I searched the forums here and found that no-one as yet has paid tribute to a man I had a lot of respect for. I know people like Barry Cranston knew Mel better than I and I would hope they will add...
  6. Armstrong

    4 Door Under Counter Fridge

    Hi All, I have a 4 door under counter fridge that I have alway been meaning to do something with ... but alas it still sits in the corner of our warehouse. My problem now is that we are running out of space! So ... I need to find it a new home. Details - says Coles Refrideration on the...
  7. Armstrong

    Dry July Conclusion

    Hi All, Firstly, I'd like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all those who made donations toward this great cause. This year the movement made $2,177,545.78 for the benefit of adult cancer patients throughtout Australia. On a sadder note, I am incredibly disappointed at the response of...
  8. Armstrong

    "dry July" - Make A Donation

    Hi All, This year, the management of the Country Brewer, namely Chris and myself, will be participating in "DRY JULY". Dry July, for those who are not familiar, is an online social community where an individual or team can sign up to the challenge of a month long sponsored abstinence from...
  9. Armstrong

    Wort Kit - Opinions Please

    Hi All, With all the different brands of wort kits now available, I am interested to hear what everyone considers to be the best.
  10. Armstrong

    Meeting Uncle Sam!

    Hi All, Next week I fly out to the US for 3 weeks to attend a homebrew retailers conference in Baltimore and then the AHA conference in Cincinatti. After talking to DOC, he sent me a whole lot of links to places to see in San Francisco including the Anchor Brewery Tour. I sent an email which...
  11. Armstrong

    Experiment #1021455587.2

    Obviously if this is a success it will be a big hit with the women! OK ... I know this is weird, but we might have just discovered the new taste sensation of the naughties. Looks ordinary, but we'll soon see what it tastes like.
  12. Armstrong

    Victorian Beer Joke

    The General Managers of Cascade Brewery (Tasmania), Tooheys (New South Wales), XXXX (Queensland), CUB (Victoria) and Coopers (South Australia) were at a national beer conference. They decide to all go to lunch together and the waitress asks what they want to drink. The General Manager of...
  13. Armstrong

    Keg System Raffle Winner!

    Hi All, We had the drawing this morning and I am very happy to say that we raised $1735 for the TALLOWOOD SCHOOL! The winner of the Keg System is:- Mark Gordon - Leonay, NSW Ticket No NCB-5036 Because of the huge response, we decided to draw 5 more names and will be throwing each of them a...
  14. Armstrong

    Charity Raffle $5 Per Ticket

    Hi All, We are raffling off a Keg System to raise money for the "Tallowood Special School" at Kellyville. About The School Tallowood School is a new and growing school community. All students enrolled at Tallowood School have a moderate/severe intellectual disability, often with an associated...
  15. Armstrong

    Growing Concerns About Racking

    Hi All, I am getting more and more concerned about some of the brewing practices that people are embracing ... more the point, the inexperienced brewers who in my opinion are biting off more than they can chew. One of the growing problems seems to be with racking. Now before anyone starts...
  16. Armstrong

    Bathurst & Tcb Comp Reminder

    Hi Guys, Just a reminder that entries for the Bathurst and TCB Comps are due in by this Saturday at TCB stores, or by the 8th September at TCB Bathurst. There is no-one in Australia that runs a better competition than the Bathurst Brewers ... so get your entries in! Cheers
  17. Armstrong

    Tcb Brew Challenge 2007

    Hi All, This years competition will be judged in conjunction with the Bathurst Homebrewing Competition. Brewers can enter both competitions while submitting only 1 bottle. All other entry forms & fees will be separate ie: Entries should be packaged with both a TCB & Bathurst entry forms & fees...
  18. Armstrong

    Free 44 Gallon Drums

    Hi All, We are getting quite a pile of empty 44 gallon drums that are free to anyone who wants to come get one ... or two, or three. We have a fair few people that have taken them for everything from making a "Spit" to big party drinks bin, to water storage. For the water conservationist, we...
  19. Armstrong

    Competition Calender

    Hi All, I have just created a page to list upcoming competitions. Any of you comp organisers who wish to promote your competition on this page on The Country Brewer site, email me with your detail etc at [email protected] Check it out Competition Calendar
  20. Armstrong

    The Results Speak For Themselves

    Our formulations + Your know how = Success! Lithgow Show (93 entries) Draught: 1st Wals Pale Ale, 3rd Rapid Creek Pale Pale Ale: 1st X-Tract Pale Ale, 3rd Wals Pale Ale Lager: 2nd Wals Lager, 3rd Wetpak Lager Pilsner: 2nd Wals Blonde Bitter Ale: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Wals Bitter Old/Brown Ale: 1st &...