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    Stout - Priming quantity 700ml bottle

    Being an Irishman and being so close to St Paddys day i've had a trial at my own Guinness :drinkingbeer: Muntons Dublin Stout - MJ Brew Blend #20 - 500g Dark Dry Malt - 10ml Liquorice Extract.- S04 yeasties SG 1040 FG 1008 Finings added @ G 1012 700ml Bottles In fermenting fridge at ~16C for...
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    Cold crashed priming sugar

    Lads and lassies first time all the info on this Forum! Have a gage roads single fin type brewing from a kit with additional hops added.... cold crashed in primary fermenter at 2deg for last 5 days to allow sediment to settle. I have those carbonation drops, but I'm unsure if...