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  1. therook

    March Pump & 23 Litre Glass Fermenter

    Hi Guys, Cleaning my shed out and found a March Pump 809HS that has never been used. Also have a 23 litre glass fermenter from grain and grape i have no use for. Not sure what the pumps are worth these days. Not sure if these prices are unrealistic Pump $250 Fermenter $40 Rook
  2. therook

    Whitelabs Melbourne

    Thanks everyone for your help
  3. therook

    Whitelabs Melbourne

    Hi everyone, Does anyone no of an outlet in Melbourne that sells Whitelabs yeast? Rook
  4. therook

    Best Maltz

    Thanks Andrew
  5. therook

    Best Maltz

    Hi Everyone, Does anybody know the SRM's for Best Maltz Dark Crystal Best Maltz Caramel Pilsner Is the Caramel Pilsner similar to Caramalt? Thanks Rook
  6. therook

    Rain water ( good or bad)?

    Been using rain water for over 100 brews of AG. Never boil it pre mash either Never a problem.
  7. therook

    Style Of The Week 1/8/07 - Mild

    That looks the goods to me manticle.....I love a good Mild but i have never used 1469, 1318 has always been my choice of yeast. Let me know how this turns out as with Winter just around the corner a Mild and Stout are on the cards. Rook
  8. therook

    Style Of The Week 5/12/07 - American Amber Ale

    Time to make an amber on some bits and pieces, whats everyones thoughts on this Ale - 75% Munich 1 - 10% Caraamber - 5% Caramalt - 5% Crystal med - 2.5% Amber - 2% Northdown 60min - 20g Willamette 10min - 20g Willamette 0min - 10g Willamette DRY - 10g IBU = 32 Throwing this on...
  9. therook

    Birthday Drinks

    Happy birthday Screwy, hope you get a Screw :D
  10. therook

    Wyeast 2000 & 2112 free to good home

    I'm alive Bretto, been absolutely flat out with work doing the NBN build. Would love to catch up for a beer and parma mate, i still have your mobile number so i'll give you a bell tomorrow. If your number has changed send me a pm or email
  11. therook

    Wyeast 2000 & 2112 free to good home

    Title tells it all. Free, pickup only from Melbourne CBD 2000 Feb 2012 2112 Jan 2009 ( i think ) Cant be stuffed making starters or slants anymore so i buy 1 fresh packet and make 2 or 3 beers out of the one. First to either post here or PM me gets them. Rook
  12. therook

    Whats In The Glass

    Batz's Aussie Lager.....To easy to drink Rook
  13. therook

    Style Of The Week 5/7/06 - Apa

    Yer Nath, i know its not the correct yeast so to speak, should be a cleaner beer, but just throwing something onto the yeast cake that became free today......need a supply for xmas so this was all i could come up with. Manticle.....hows the brewing going mate?
  14. therook

    Style Of The Week 5/7/06 - Apa

    Thinking of putting this together tomorrow as i have a few small bits of this and bits of that Ale Malt - 70% Pilsner Malt - 20% Munich 1 - 10% Magnum 12.1% - 10 grams 60 minutes Amarillo 8.2% - 20 grams 10 minutes Cascade 5.1% - 20 grams 10 minutes Amarillo, Cascade & Simcoe - 10 grams each...
  15. therook

    Ahb - Lets Drop The Profanity

    ditto Andrew.... It's probably why a lot of the old original members who where fantastic brewers no longer come on here..... lack of respect to the founders and moderators Rook
  16. therook

    Vic July 2012 Caseswap!

    Looks like some of the Bomber players after the Cats raped them last week :lol: Rook
  17. therook

    Vic July 2012 Caseswap!

    What's the address this is at?
  18. therook

    Vic July 2012 Caseswap!

    I will be bringing some empty vials if anyone wants them.....cant be fucked doing slants anymore Rook
  19. therook

    Yeast Culturing Equipment

    Spot On
  20. therook

    Vic July 2012 Caseswap!

    Stop telling Lies Fents.....we started at 6.00pm the night before :D Swags in the car and i cant wait to catch up with everyone Rook