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  1. WobblyBoot

    Keg fridge, kegs, gas, regulator, taps, guns, accessories - all gotta go!

    G'day legends, Well my business is going nuts - and until I work that out, I'm content to buy someone else's beer rather than make by own - so I'm selling up my whole home brew kit and caboodle: Westinghouse fridge with beer taps, font & tray $450 2 cornelius kegs $40 each 2 beer guns $25 each...
  2. WobblyBoot

    Free empty 16.5L wort container - inner Melbourne

    Bought myself a fresh wort kit from Grain & Grape, but they don't take the containers back when you're done with them. So if you have any use for an empty 16.5L container, and can get to Prahran in the next 7 days, let me know. Cheers.
  3. WobblyBoot

    For Sale: 1 x 6.8kg MyKegOnLegs CO2 cylinder

    Hi all, After upgrading my beer fridge to one that could accommodate a small CO2 cylinder inside, I no longer need my old MyKegOnLegs, bought around 2009-2010. It used to sit outside my fugly old beer fridge, faithfully passing gas and driving my better half crazy. Now it can drive your...
  4. WobblyBoot

    Home Made Vegemite/promite/marmite

    Anyone ever tried to make it from the leftovers from a brew? I've googled a few recipes but they all look like bollocks to me. And yes yes, I know Vegemite tastes like your gran's undies. I've sniffed em. Any recipes/tips?
  5. WobblyBoot

    Bottom Shelf Support For Keg Fridge?

    Gday brewers, My keg fridge fits 2 kegs without the bottom shelf in place, and 3 when the shelf's in. The only catch is, the shelf can't hack the weight of 3 full (well, emptying) kegs. The fridge did come with vegie drawers but I don't want them in there and don't really trust them for the job...