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  1. Armstrong

    Wacol HBS moved to Jindalee Qld

    An FYI for the Queensland brewers, The Home brew store at Wacol has been relocated to - 2/66 Curragundi Rd, JINDALEE, Qld, 4074 Phone: (07) 3160 1198 Cheers
  2. Armstrong

    Employment Opportunity

    Employment Opportunity / Prospect HQ We require the services of a full time employee to assist with retail sales and wholesale orders at our head office facility in Prospect, NSW. Duties - Service retail customers. - Weighing, packaging and sealing product. - Working as part of a team...
  3. Armstrong

    Dangerous "Kegland" sticker on Co2 bottle

    What does that mean?
  4. Armstrong

    Dangerous "Kegland" sticker on Co2 bottle

    Country Brewer - Toormina fills gas bottles
  5. Armstrong

    Co2 Refill In Melbourne

    I didn't say to get it filled at KK ... I'm wondering why you dont get it filled at KL where you bought it?
  6. Armstrong

    Co2 Refill In Melbourne

    KK and KL are in the same suburb ... why not just get it refilled where you bought it?
  7. Armstrong

    Sydney Bulk Grain buy 2018

    Wouldn't driving down from Newcastle negate any saving you might have got out of a bulk buy? You have multiple suppliers of grain up there
  8. Armstrong

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Eventually? Probably ... but creating it now was unnecessary. And what will it take to end this price war?
  9. Armstrong

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I thought that was my point exactly. " ... the outcomes go both ways. Great for the consumer - competition has resulted incredibly cheap product ... Bad for the consumer - very few in the industry are prepared to support these products (refills, repairs or service)" Would you expect a Ford...
  10. Armstrong

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    As time goes on? Brew Shop owners do not have the luxury of time when dealing with the fallout from your damaged egos ... we don't care if you feel hard done by from your previous employers and want to punish them. KegLand and KegKing obviously feel that the ONLY thing they have to offer is...
  11. Armstrong

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Forget the rumours ... here are some facts. KegLand offer retailers a 10% discount off their RRP ... after freight costs and GST are paid, there is NO way they can be competitive. So, because of this, many of us retailers just do not offer those products anymore. We used to be able to make a...
  12. Armstrong

    Boiling kits before fermenting

    As a kit manufacturer I would definitively say, Do not boil kits ... I'm sure there would be exceptions internationally, but it serves no purpose for the vast majority of kits available in Australia. Boiling kits will actually change the favour profile of the kit ... kits manufactured using hop...
  13. Armstrong

    Brisbane Tradies Wanted

    Seems to be a lack of tradies in here :(
  14. Armstrong

    Brisbane Tradies Wanted

    be careful what you ask for :) ... that's a pretty cheap quote! lol
  15. Armstrong

    Brisbane Tradies Wanted

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a tradies that can build a packing room in our warehouse at Wacol in Brissy. Basically 2 walls and a roof so we can air condition the space so we can pack powdered malt etc away from both the heat and the humidity. I want to get onto this pretty quickly, so If you can...
  16. Armstrong

    FREE 44 Gallon Drums

    Free to good home :) Empty Coopers 44 gallon malt drums. Currently have about 20 but we empty around 4 per week. Pick up Monday to Saturday Country Brewer - Prospect 4 / 22 Rowood Road PROSPECT, NSW, 2148 (02) 9896-1366
  17. Armstrong

    Brewman takes over Mark's Home Brewing (NSW)

    He actually has a filling station
  18. Armstrong

    Maitland (NSW) LHBS Gone?

    *NEW* Shop Address? 1/128 Melbourne St, East Maitland