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  1. Mat

    Spent Grain for Burley?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has used their spent grains for burley? I was thinking of mixing in some pillies or catfood and a little Tuna Oil and then freeze it into a few blocks. Looking for suggestions on burley recipes and delivery methods (frozen, fresh, in a bag, toss it out as...
  2. Mat

    Uses for Empty Grain Sacks

    Just wondering what people do with their empty grain sacks. Looking for ideas on repurposing. I think they can be recycled through the RedCycle program at Coles and Woolies, after being cut down to size. It's got to be better than chucking them in the bin.
  3. Mat

    Sous Vide with your Brew Rig

    Hey Guys, Does anyone here use their brew rig to cook steaks and alike sous vide style? I saw a video on youtube by Clawhammer brewing and it looks pretty interesting. Figured a lot of us home brewers have the temperature control and vacuum sealers. Surely someone has had a crack. I'm...
  4. Mat

    What's Your Go-To Pale Ale Recipe?

    Hey Brewers, I'm looking to brew a pale ale for the christmas - new years break. Something that's sitting around the 5% mark, plenty of flavour but still easy to knock back a dozen in a sitting. At the moment im looking at the following recipe. It's aimed towards a 4 Pines Pale Ale but by no...
  5. Mat

    Storing Bulk Wort for Yeast Starters

    Hey Brewers, I'm between brew days, so naturally I'm thinking about my next brew and how I can make my life a little easier. I'm a big believer in the mantra "work smarter, not harder" With that in mind, I'm looking at storing unfermented wort to use in yeast starters, along the lines of a...