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  1. LetsMakeBeer

    Using A 15l Cube As A Fermenter

    Thanks guys, I got one of the blue ones from bunnings and it works great. I fill it with about 2-5L of cold water before pouring the extracts or fresh wort kits in (haven't graduated to all grain yet). So far that seems to stop any of the hot liquid smells + softening issues, although I do have...
  2. LetsMakeBeer

    How to put a Kilkenny (stout) tap on a Kegerator Series 3

    Hi Team, Recently I bought a Kilkenny tap off ebay with the idea of putting it on my series 3 Kegerator font. The dream is to set it up for stouts + red ales (potentially running nitro, although is just CO2 for now). Unfortunately it does fit :-( The width of the thread on the Kilkenny tap is...
  3. LetsMakeBeer

    Using A 15l Cube As A Fermenter

    Old thread, just wondering if anyone know where would be a good place to pick up 20-25L water cubes near Hornsby? Appreciate any help you can provide!