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    Mashing Advice

    reading one of jayse's recent posts he talked about not sparging his mash, but having enough mash liquor in the tun for the boil to start with, im assuming he heated up the mash before draniing to the boiler. now i dont have any way of incresing the temp of my mash as i do it in an esky, but i...
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    Finally, A Keg Setup

    FINALLY, i found a fridge to my liking and picked it up last nite. 350L fridge capable of holding 4 kegs, and a freezer on top for the hops. i already have 2 kegs, reg, lines, and a tap. picking up a gas cylinder from boc in the morning (i'll source a different method later, its a boc/air...
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    Speaking Of Keg Systems

    i'm getting a little slack on the bottle cleaning side of things and just wondered how much gas regular keg users use per year. the rental cost is $100 per year in Tas $39 to fill a 10kg (VT Size) cylinder so for less than $3 a week i could get out of washing bottles But how long would 10kg of...
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    Steam Beer

    now with the weather cooling down, i cant ferment ales out side of my heater box. was brewing an ale a week before my holidays. durning the warmer months, the ales ferment at 18-20 degrees. and its not cold enough for brewing lagers in my fermentation room. (also know as the stoarage area under...
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    Crackers In Adelaide

    Well guys, time has come, the clipsal 500 is on next weekend and i'll be there for it. have 3 weeks off work, 2 weeks in Adelaide. friday cant come soon enough (more than usual) hope to get around to the brew shops (and may run in to a couple of the local posters on here), dragged around with...
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    Hop Flavour

    After doing a couple of all grain brews, im getting comfortable with the process. My question is when do i add hops for maximum flovour? (i think i'm becoming a hop head) should i add when theres 1-5 mins left in the boil? or do i get more flavour from dry hopping (primary or secondary) ? how...
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    Blowoff Tubes

    i have a very good problem the full mash brew i made on sunday is frothing away so madly that the airlock on my carboy keeps getting the krausen in it (cleaned it out monday & tuesday nite). its the biggest krausen i ever had. about 5-6 inches high. i read palmers book on blowoff tubes for glass...
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    Hop Utilisation Percentage

    I know the hop utilisation percentages for the folllowing 60min boil = 32% 30min boil = 24% does anyone know the percentages for the following 45min boil 15min 10min 5min 1min probably the last two doesnt matter as it would be too hard to taste the difference. cheers crackers
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    Beer In A Wine Bladder?

    just thinking for the holidays, if i had an old 4L wine bladder from a cask, cleaned it out, filled it with beer from my bottling bucket, and left it to condition for a few weeks. in the fridge over night an into an esky with ice for those bbq's at friends, and rigged one of my fermenter taps...