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    Wyeast Northwest Ale

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone else has had trouble getting this strain to kick off? Two brews now made 8 months apart with different smack packs bought just before brew day and after pitching the same way (and waiting for the pack to swell), no fermentation kicks off after 3 days forcing me...
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    Nelson Sauvin

    Hey guys, Apologies if this question has been asked before already this year....anyone know of any Nelson Sauvin hops in Brisbane. Used up my last stash and hoping to track some more down although i think i might be flogging a dead horse. Cheers guys!
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    Heavy peated distiiling malt (Bairds)

    Hey guys, long time reader but virgin poster! I've been brewing for a while using the Grainfather and have done well in a few comps so far but wanted some thoughts from the community. I previously brewed a chocolate chilli porter but after about 3 weeks in the keg the nice smokiness went to...