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    Cold Conditioning Temp?

    Hey Guys Just a quick question Im about to try my first cold conditioning on a brew. Its just a simple brew that im experimenting with that im about to rack and was wondering what ppls thoughts were on an ideal temp for CC'ing - keep in mind I can make the temp whatever I want as my mates a...
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    Flat Brew

    Hello all Im a little worried about my recent brew. I bottled 3 weeks ago with a SG of 1010 with dextrose into bottles. I used a measuring thingo and put in one teaspoon into each bottle just as I normally do but the beer is flat When the bottle is opened there is a tiny bit of gas escaping...
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    Smokey Beer

    Hello all I have a quick question I have just tasted one of my recently bottled beers (Probably a little early but I couldnt wait!!). Now when I tasted the wort at bottling time it had a nice flavor but now after 2 weeks in the bottle it has taken on a slightly what can only be describred as a...
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    Sg Not Dropping!

    Hey all sorry to a pain in the arse and ask questions every 5 mins but Im worried about my 'baby' My starting sg was 1.038 (malthouse bitter,hallertau tea bag and saaz teabag and beer ultra) i racked and SG had dropped to 1.011 but now after 10 days I have no drop do I have a stuck furment?? :o...
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    Why Rack

    Hello again all Firstly thanks to all those who helped me out with my previous post "How much is enough" Now I have another racking related question. When I rack my beer I move it from my primary fermenter to a secondary. At this stage I do not dry hop or make any changes to my wort. So...
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    How Much Is Enough

    Hello all I am very new to the home brew scene. I have done some brewing at those overpriced pretty boring brew it onsite and we will charge you a million bucks places but was not overly happy with the results, so after trying a freinds home brew i have decided to give it a go. After some...