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    Tooheys Old Black Ale

    Hi guys i too have a tin of coopers Old dark ale and im trying for a tooheys old clone. just a question re the yeast.. is it 1028 or 1318 or any other no i have missed... also would a white labs wlp002 be better? Ben.. probably too soon to ask but how did it turn out and wot did u end up using...
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    Yep... %*&# stupid hobby.... Well tonite I kegged wot was promising to be my best brew yet...after I had siphoned in to the keg I went to put the hatch back in to place and found it to be pretty loose fitting... 1/2 asleep as I was it took me 5 mins of going this way n that to realise that the...
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    So Wot's The Story Behind The Handles

    well my name is william so i get billy from the day i was born till i started school at 5 i thourght my name was BAD billy.... (mum... your BAD billy) lol in high school i had some really mad smoko and blew out a few mates... after that it was bad billys (as in.. hes got bad billys!) has just...
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    Too Soon?

    thanks jayse... its now in the keg.. burped and in the fridge. my resolve is set and will hold out for at least ???? thanks again Billy
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    Too Soon?

    hi jayse was a morgans anber ale and a tin or morgans amber malt.. i was expecting a fg of 1.010 but have no idea .. wot do u think? :chug: billy ps.. yep.. waiting is going to be the hard bit!! lol
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    Too Soon?

    Hi guys just wondering if there would be any problems if i keged a brew too soon i have a brew thats at 1.012 and still bubbleing away but very slowly.. its been in secondary for a bit over a week.. and i want to keg it and cc... would this be a problem???... thanks for your thourghts...
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    Kegging Questions

    now the weather is getting warmer is it better to store in fridge or some cool place??? im making ale so are they ok to CC?? also how do i clean the lines to the tap? one of mine has mould in it :o thanks :chug: billy
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    Can U Rack Too Soon.. Or Too Late?

    Hi all well i guess the tital says it all... Is it posable to rack too soon or too late?? wot are the concerquences of either... im about to rack for the first time and dont want to stuff it up! Thanks
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    Chat Room Is Alive At The Moment

    Hi guys tonite was my second nite in "the room" and was much better tonite re messages appearing and refresh. It is slow but still its gr8 to be able to talk (nilly??) real time and meet other brewers! I will be back for more!! look forward to meeting more of u there! Cheers :chug: Badbilly
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hi Guys Well my name is billy and im 32, married wif no kids... well just the dog.. he thinks he is a kid ( my wif says she got 2 kids.. me and the dog :D!) i live neer Cessnock in the hunter valley these days B) ... moved from sydney (quakers hill) about 6 weeks ago... I used to fix office...