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    Hop Experiment

    I need some advice on an experiment I am going to try with a variety of different hops with the aim to develop my taste and palette. I have done some reading online and was thinking of adding around 10 grams of a single hop types to 12 x 750ml tallies - re-cap and ferment for around 7 days...
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    Left Over Hop Recipe

    Ok thanks Coodgee, I imagine this would be quite light in colour with a florally taste? Any dry hops to add?
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    Left Over Hop Recipe

    Hi, We are looking to experiment with our next BIAB brew and need advice on a recipe. We want to use our left over hops from previous brew & generally brew pale ales & IPAs with our 25L BIAB setup. We have the following left over hops: 60g - Cascade 30g - Magnum 30g - El Dorado 25g - Galaxy...