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  1. Peterbrew

    Beginner in Perth looking for advice for equipment, supplies and BIAB

    TWOC in Bibra Lake offer good advice, have lots of equipment, grains, partial grain kits etc etc. My gear I got from kmart like others have said stock pots and stainless sieve, some things from eBay measuring beakers and cleaning products. I'm still relatively green at brewing but glad to start...
  2. Peterbrew

    Coopers long neck crown seal collection -94 bottles, washed/cleaned, no labels

    If they were in WA I'd take them but too hard to post
  3. Peterbrew

    Off taste possible infection?

    I suspected from what I have read it was an infection. Although thought maybe with adding the stee pac directly could have caused it
  4. Peterbrew

    Off taste possible infection?

    I brewed a Black Rock dry lager using dextrose and thought I'd try adding the stee-pac straight in the fermenter. Apart from a really high IG which was probably a false reading, all was good. After a week added an unsure weight of tetnang hops that I got from a brewery and froze. Admittedly I...
  5. Peterbrew

    sierra nevada hop hunter 70bux a carton

    There's a place on Hampton road Fremantle that used to sell beers going out of date. Can't remember the name but similar deals could be had. Picked up imported Dutch lagers for no more than $40 a carton. That's a great price for Sierra Nevada
  6. Peterbrew

    TV show about English beers and pubs?

    Yep I missed out on some of the episodes already!
  7. Peterbrew

    TV show about English beers and pubs?

    I've watched two episodes and quite enjoy it. He talks to brewer's about their ingredients and you get to see some interesting brews from across America worth a watch.
  8. Peterbrew

    TV show about English beers and pubs?

    Olly Smith: Ale Trails some episodes were on SBS
  9. Peterbrew

    Food Gardening

    Bensonite clay, compost and mulch will fix you up. We used to live in freo and can still grow in that sand
  10. Peterbrew

    Killed Yeast, Can my brew recover

    I did the same thing with my first ever brew was an IPA and turned out okay luckily, but brewed it out too quick. I try to avoid ditching brews, I've endured some shitty beers!
  11. Peterbrew

    Various temp reading fermenter

    I'm not looking forward to summer, my shed was about 32 degrees the other day. I'm glad I've got a fridge in the shed for fermenting in so I can keep temps constant. I also use the brita filters from big w have two 8litre jugs that I use and think makes a difference.
  12. Peterbrew

    Aluminium pots.

    I'm wrong and happy to admit that. It's only of concern in non anodised aluminium which isn't used in cookware
  13. Peterbrew

    Aluminium pots.

    Just a quick Google will give you some basic information regarding this which is mainly for highly acid contents but I can provide scholarly articles if you want further evidence. Maybe I'm paranoid but I prefrr stainless where I can as it is far stronger. Personal preference here
  14. Peterbrew

    Aluminium pots.

    I'm wary of cooking/brewing anything in aluminium because of the leeching
  15. Peterbrew

    The short happy tale of BIAC, or Brewing In A Cube

    I'd be interested to see this cube setup?
  16. Peterbrew

    Best place to buy kegs

    Beauty cheers Stefan will definitely have a chat them as I've already got 2 X 10l kegs but want a few bigger as I'm sick of bottling
  17. Peterbrew

    Best place to buy kegs

    Thanks for the reply all
  18. Peterbrew

    Best place to buy kegs

    TWOC is my closest shop actually! Yet to check out Bulk Brewing Supplies. Thanks mate
  19. Peterbrew

    Best place to buy kegs

    Hi guys What's everyone reckon of the 19l kegs on eBay for about $120? They are 304SS, Brewmart has them for $160 or $130, what's the difference? http://www.brewmart.com.au/brewmart-shop/catalogue/?CATID=416&CLN=1 I've had a look at second hand ones are they any good? Just run a seal kit...