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    Hoppy ipa

    Hi guys, have changed my recipe and after any advice as have changed it a lot. Doing an extract brew with steeping crystal malt. 3.4kg liquid light malt extract 500g dextrose 350g crystal malt steeped 30 mins at 65c 30g chinook 13% aa 60min 30g amarillo 9% aa 30min 30g citra 8.5% aa 30 min 30g...
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    Hoppy apa

    Hi guys im reasonably new to brewing and would like some advice on my next brew as so far i have found my beers not to be as hoppy as i like them. (My fav brew would be beechworth pale ale) I do extract brews with steeping grains and have a 20l mangrove jacks pot for boiling. Recipe 3kg light...