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    Newbe Question

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to kegging ( about ten brews ) I was led to beleive that keg beer still needs to age before carbonating like a bottle does. Some people say that the carbonating is instant aging ? Usally i will leave my brew in the primary for 10 days than rack to the keg, chill it...
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    Low Cal Beer

    hi guys, i have been brewing for quite some time now and love what i make. My problem is that i am putting on the pounds !! im fat !!! beer belly and boobs ! my doctor said i should cut back on the beer but i couldnt bear too !! My questions are is it possible to make a low cal beer without...
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    Yeast Cakes

    Hi guys, I have heard a bit of talk about re using the yeast cake on the bottom of the fermenter, I was just wondering about a few things . How is this different to buying liquid yeasts ? can any kit yeast be used ? How much should i leave at the bottom ? and finally, how many times can u...
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    Salts In Beer

    I have just bought a wander brand brewing sugar, on the back of the pack it states it is made up of dextose, and some salts ?? Salts in beer ? has anyone heard of this ?
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    Taking The Next Step From Kits

    Hi guys, Iam ready to go to the next step in brewing ( i think ). the kits are fine but Im interested in making my own from scratch. Im thinking my first batch will be 3 kgs of LLME or DME 25-50 gms of HOPS thrown in at different times while i boil the malt ? then ferment as normal ? is...
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    To Boil Or Not To Boil ?

    I have heard that boiling your kit and all your sugars etc is of great benfit , Does anyone do this and found any great differences ? or is this method best if you have a full malt brew ( no kit ) etc ? Morgans cans state in the instructions not to boil because it will spoil the hop balance ??
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    Propagating Yeast

    Iam interested in propagating yeast from a coopers sparkling or pale ale. has any one done this and how did they do it ?
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    Yeast Problems

    I have heard that ale yeasts ( the ones most commonly found in a k & k ahave trouble getting thru a all malt wort ? the reason iam asking is i have just started replacing all my sugars with LME etc with the kits.So far i have produced a pretty darn good drop using a morgans amber ale and a...
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    Lost Yeast

    Hi guys, Silly question but Iam wondering something. I accendently spilled some of my yeast ( from the little paket under the cap of can ) so maybe only half of the 7 gms made it into the has started fermenting and i know the yeast will grow anyway but will this have an affect on the...
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    Outback Ale

    Hi I was in the city the other day in some fancy cafe when I saw a beer called Outback Ale..So I tried it and would have to say it blew my mind !! I was asked by the shop owner when I left if i liked the beer or not because it was made by a small time brewer and the beer is being sampled thru...