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    How Many Kegs Do You Have?

    Currently 10, 7 50l & 3 20l and one lowenbru converted to a fermenter. Have 3 more 20l coming in the next few weeks.
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    Mirracle Box For Sale

    I have two of these left but am keeping one for myself, so if anyone is interested drop me a pm.
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    Mirracle Box For Sale

    Mirracle box, good condition just add tap and keg and your away to the next party! Has snaplock connection for tap and pinlock for keg.
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    Ebay Bargain Finishes 2 Hrs

    Shit hot! wish I lived in melbourne 11 20l kegs
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    60l Fermenter

    Ben try Acrylix Plastics 203-305 gouger street Adelaide. I have 2 x 60l I think I paid $47.00ea
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    2 Tier Or 3

    Well today I had the split system solar hws replaced at a cost of $1300.00 :( thank god the solar panels are ok! But the plus is that only the tank on the old 315l split system is stuffed! It contains a 5kw pump and a brand new element & thermostat! So this weekend consists of pulling the old...
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    Mirracle Box/ Chiller Box

    Dam, if only I had some spare cash, it would be bring on the portable keg system! Mirracle Box
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    Gear For Sale

    Check out the stuff on ebay
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    Usa Ebay

    Try Hugo from The Frozen Drink Co. In Adelaide, I reckon he has just 1 or two kegs lying around.
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    Grain Mill

    I recently stumbled across an old electric coffee grinder, the same ones as the supermarkets have. Whith a bit of tweaking it gives a great grind on the coarse setting. May not be everyones cup of coffee! but it works just great for me!
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    10lt Cornelius Kegs

    Oh yeah, for the small kegs Stainless tanks & pressure vessels in VIC have 5/9/18/23/45/106 litre kegs all brand new and shiny! but a little bit pricey. :( [email protected] (03) 9752 2400 hope this helps Cheers Damo
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    10lt Cornelius Kegs

    The bloke in Adelaide that I get them off only has about 1000 left!
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    10lt Cornelius Kegs

    18/19l post mix keg Adelaide $45.00!
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    More Gear For Sale

    I have a few more things for sale and will post pictures on monday. 1 mirracle box with pinlock fittings and snaplock fitting to suit an andale tap. 1 canning machine, perfect for the full mash brewers. just buy some emty can blanks and you can can your own lme ! 1 60l stainless cider keg 1...
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    Bottle Trees For Sale

    Ok I hope I have got this right, correct me if I am wrong! The following have a brand new bottle tree (in no particular order) GMK POST MODERN JOHNNO BROOPA SLAMMER BEERZYL (holding for postage cost) Looks like they are all sold! Cheers Damien
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    Bottle Trees For Sale

    Sure have GMK! Selling like hot cakes, got two left. Cheers damien
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    Bottle Trees For Sale

    Brand new in the box! :rolleyes:
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    Bottle Trees For Sale

    I have 6 bottle trees for sale brand new in the box, I will post pics tomorrow. Asking $20.00 each + postage. Cheers Damien
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    Where To Buy Keg Tap Parts

    I can help with a seccond hand thread, just drop me an email. Cheers Damien