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    Can anybody help me find a tailpiece nut for this shank?

    Is that a flare nut? If it is that might be the go
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    Can anybody help me find a tailpiece nut for this shank?

    I can't seem to find a replacement tailpiece nut for this shank. The brew store hadn't seem this type before. The one pictured had the back break off from being overtightened so it no longer seals. Anyone got any idea? The thread diameter is about 9.5mm while the minor diameter is 9mm
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    Actually beer contains too few carbohydrates to be tested on the GI scale.
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    With that OG and FG you'll be having about 15 carbs per pint, about the same as a slice of bread. Next time you see your doc ask him about the difference between carbohrdrates and energy and what you should be focussing on.
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    Hi, I'm a type 1 diabetic and I can say you most need to worry about the remaining sugar content in the beer (carbohydrates). I've just brewed a 6.6% Saison that's only got about 5 carbs per pint. You want to mash low (64) and use use a yeast with high attenuation (WY3711) so that you get your...
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    1272 Or Pacman For A Honey Wheat Beer?

    I did a honey wheat using 1010 with a similar grain bill except with some added melanoiden malt. Turned out really well, the yeast let the honey and wheat flavours come through with no banana or cloves.
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    On Tv Tonight On Go 99

    Isn't it just one big add for hahn super dry?
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    No Carb Beer?

    I think what he's saying is that the energy from the alcohol in beer far outweighs the energy from the carbs. So the best bet is to cut down on alcohol not carbs.
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    Co2 Cylinder

    I know Collin at Brew Your Own at Home in Kambah fills bottles, not sure about the testing though.
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    Munich Dunkel

    The carafa is partly because I have some that needs to be used and partly because of the partial boil and the colour i'll end up with after i add my top up water.
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    Munich Dunkel

    At the moment it's Weyermann's Caramunich I Malt, how are the two different? Does the caramunich add much colour because I don't want to go into schwarzbier territory. How much do you think I should add?
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    Munich Dunkel

    How does this recipe sound for a Munich dunkel? I've never used Caramunich before, what sort of flavours will i get from it? Type: Partial Mash Batch Size (fermenter): 20.00 l Boil Size: 15.82 l Boil Time: 75 min End of Boil Volume 14.45 Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 % Final Bottling Volume...
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    Thought Someone Might Be Interested

    Excellent, just what a i was looking for. I'm one happy guy :D