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    My mancave keg chair

    I’ve been pissing around on and for a while making a swivel keg/ drinking chair and it’s done. I made it from whatever I had in the shed plus leftover paint to trick it up. The keg base mounting with castors. The foot rest mounts with copper pipe for effect, one each end so I can swivel and...
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    Beer tap identification.

    G,day all and help if you can. I’m trying to identify this tap and if parts are available and where to get them.[ ATTACH=full]109965[/ATTACH] I was gifted these from a fellow AHBer and iirc they were thought to be Andale. No luck, I’ve contacted; Andale. Lancer. brew
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    NSW Container deposit scheme.

    Should read Scam. I’ve read that the NSW Gov is introducing the 10 cent refund on beverage containers which has been in here in SA for some time. Good O, hmmm, a slab contains 24 so 24x10 cents = $2.40. So to counter act this the NSW Gov wants to whack an extra (minimum) $3.40 on to the price of...
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    Shelf life of Co2

    Earlier this year I scored 3 x D sized bottles of Co2 ,plus kegs etc. Now these bottles are stamped 1994 so are passed their test dates etc but, the bloke I bought them from said they were refilled around 2002. So is/would the gas still be usable?, does it spoil etc. Don’t want to waste it as 3...
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    I’m back!

    I’m baaack! . So a while ago , 7+ months ago I decided I was doing too much with my time. I took a break, told the then boss to bash his job up his arse, and since March 31 this year I’ve doing my thing. I’ve been studying ( cert iv WHS) and domestic duties as well as getting shit done for my...
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    Saint Ambroise .

    Reading from the label. 4.5% . Malt, toasted wheat, rolled oats. Hops = Nugget, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra. I like ! This is very noice, again from the label. 6.0%. Pale, Crystal, Toasted Wheat & Chocolate malts. Hops = Nugget, Cascade, Hallertau & Golding. Oak aged and a noice...
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    Car stereo.

    Allo all, I have a problem I need help with. I have an old Holden ( mistress) but the radio when driving is scratchy ,the reception is ordinary and hard to hear how do I fix this ?,is there something missing that I can add to get clear reception. Cheers in advance,spog.
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    Log in woes.

    Evening all, I've got log in troubles and need help. Now when it comes to computers etc and I am always here on my IPad I'm as dumb as dogs shit with technology. So my prob is this,I had on my screen the AHB logo/site,I touched that and would be onsite no worries but over the past week or so...
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    Bandicoot brewery Echuca.

    I'm passing through Echuca late this week and would like to grab some of their beers, problem is I can't find the opening hours anywhere ,the website has no info for hours or beers. Does anyone now where such info exists ? Cheers.
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    Beer colour reference.

    G,day all, does anyone know were I can get my grubby paws on a Lovibond/ srm pocket reference book/ cards. Now a wall poster isn't what I'm after as I've got nowhere to hang it in my shed,I have seen on a US site a booklet of colour cards very similar to what a painter would use for colour...
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    Port Lincoln micro brewery,maybe.

    G,day all, Port Linclon maybe getting a micro brewery, The announcement made the front page of the Port Lincoln Times today. While still in the documentation stage it is hopeful it will be open by summer ( port loncoln council, yeah right ). Iirc the husband and wife team have chemistry...
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    Elements 5 star

    Evenin all. I'm bloody keen on getting a 5 star 3600 watt element with guard for my rig as a replacement for the Kmart kettle elements. Well I need one for the dedicated power outlet I have ,only one because the way I originally set my elements won't allow 2 elements to be used as they will be...
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    Grumpy's at Verdun.

    G,day all,I've received a reply Email from Grumpy's in Verdun ( outside Adelaide) that there beers will soon be available online from Boozebud. And their beers are available from various outlets around Adelaide,although I don't know where. Mmmmm,Boston Cream Ale....
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    Attaching pics to a P M

    As per title,how do I go about attaching pics to a P M ,I've had a bit of a stuff around with it but can't figure it out. Cheers.
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    STC 1000 again.

    I have an STC 1000 on its way to control a fermenting fridge,my question is,is it a good idea to have ventilation for the controller box ( I'm thinking yes ) those of you who have them have you had any concerns regarding heat generated by the controller or have you added ventilation to help...
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    Little bang brewery.

    G,day all this morning a heard an interview with the crew from Little Bang Brewery in Adelaide. It can be found on the 891 ABC radio website, click on Breakfast with Spence Denny ,Monday 11th Jan 2016. You'll have to scroll through the online repeat to find it ,but it's roughly 1/4 through the...
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    Removing chrome from a beer tap.

    G,day all, I ha e 3 x E K taps that are chrome plated . I'm keen on the Intertap taps but I remembered I have 3 E K taps in my cupboard of junk ( fark did I find some Noice brass bits and pieces in there ). So, these taps are old but hoping to save some pennies, can anyone offer up any...
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    Keg fermentor

    I have been wondering about converting a 50 litre keg ( legalities aside) into a fermentor. The idea is to turn the keg upside down and attach a Tri Clover fitting to the coupling to be used as a dump point with tap,then fit a weldless outlet with tap on the side wall (as low as possible) to use...
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    Cider on Landline.

    Just watched a report on the Australian cider industry on ABC Lanline,it was an interesting report. No doubt available on I-View or the Landline web site.
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    Employment,Warrick Qld.

    G,day all. We have a good family friend who is moving to Warrick Qld and is looking for full time employment. " M " has many yrs experience in office/ admin, including medical admin office with applicable accreditation . Ok that's my spin so I am asking does anyone here have any...