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    FS: Brew stuff (BNE)

    Hi, Bottle tree (base in shed, will be found), $20 Bottle Capper, $25 Keg $50 Next pic has multiple items. From this pic: 1. Creamer Perlick tap, 3 inch SS shank and JG Guest fitting to beer line $40. 2. Yeast stuff - $40 for all or: - Conical flask - $5 each (500, 250 and...
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    FS: 70L CC pot and mongolian burner (BRISBANE) $200

    For sale is a 70L craft brewer ss pot and a mongolian burner with regulator. $200. I'm at Burpengary. PM or mobile 041 363 1978. Pick up or possible meeting point by arrangement. People are welcome to come and inspect at a suitable time. Cheers, Daz.
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    FS: 3 cubes (10,15,20L), 5L demijohn, 80g chinook 2010

    Hi , Pick up from Burpengary or meeting point by arrangement. $30 for the lot. 5L Demijohn - hardly used (15L cube also in second picture) 3 cubes (will look for third lid). All kept in good clean condition. Used for no chill and fermenting. Large cube from a craftbrewer fwk, other two...
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    FS Cleanout item - Yeast related, Aldi Randal BRISBANE

    Hi, Offering all of the following for $50. Or see below the pictures, I will separate as described. Pick up Burpengary. Work at Beerwah and Coorparoo during the week so could arrange a meeting point. Will investigate postage at your cost. Yeast Pack - $25 2 x test tube racks (8...
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    Swmbo Knocks Tap Ajar On Cube Of Boh Pils (unfermented) )

    Damn it! When she moved something around today she hit the tap slightly open on a 17L bo pils. About 30 ml of wort was on the floor under the tap, say over 6 to 10 hours (so tiny flow rate out.). I am guessing a small amount of air would have got in. The cube was filled to the brim originally...
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    Raw Cacao Nibs In Bourbon Fermenting?

    Earlier i ground up 35g of cacao nibs (didn't roast or boil - raw) and poured maybe 50 to 70 ml of bourbon on top swirled around and then added one vanilla bean (cut and scraped). Just walked past and noticed that it now has a foam head and up against the light there is lots of bubble...
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    Brass Belgian Beer

    Have a look at this website. Beer in PET bottles. Who's seen this before? I saw them on greysonline.
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    Hi all, Just about milled my grain this morning and noticed that i have these little critters in one of the grain bags? Is that a weevil? Would you precede with the brew? It's about 3 - 4 mm long.
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    RecipeDB - What i have left Amber Ale

    <div class='ipsBox clear vcard' id='recipe_card'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed ipsLayout ipsLayout_withleft ipsLayout_smallleft clearfix'> <div class='ipsVerticalTabbed_tabs ipsLayout_left' id='recipe_tabs'> <p class='short photo_holder'> <img...
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    Bunning Bmw Water Containers - Hdpe?

    Hi all, I have searched for an answer to this question on previous posts but can't find a definitive answer. Also emailed BMS Plastics but i thought i may get a quick response from someone on this forum. I bought a BMW 15L cube for the purposes of no-chilling. Are these containers suitable...
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    Wheat Yeast Dead?

    Hi all, I spinkled a Brew Cellar Wheat Yeast into a wheat beer on Wednesday afternoon. So far, no action - it's Friday. I am about to proof some us-05 (craftbrewer yeast pack) to pour into the brew. Temp on fermenter is a consistent 20 -22 C. OG of 1.040 (i know is low for style). I have...
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    Suggestions For Small Experiemtnal Batch With Raw Wheat In Biab

    Hi all, Been ages since i last posted. Have successfully brewed two grain beers by BIAB in that time (a belgian strong ale and a wheat beer). Wondering if anyone could suggest or comment on this idea i am having to brew a small batch with remaining ingredients i have at home. Ingredients to...
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    Secondary - Small Leak From Bung, Continue?

    Hi guys, My first batch of partial AG beer (BiaB) is about 12 litres of belgian strong ale (based on a Chimay blue recipe off the web - why not dive into the deep end to start). I have had it in a secondary fermenter to condition and was going to bottle it this arvo. I just noticed that beer...
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    Infection Or Coconut Fat?

    Hi, Bottling a dark ale with shredded coconut addition (250gram). Scooped most fat off at the cooling of the boil. I noticed a whitish rim of colour at the top of the fermenter (liquid level) today so i decided to have a quick look at the top of brew. It has been at a secondary fermenter for...
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    Potential Bottle Bombs?

    Hi, Did a brew late July in the style of a pure blonde on recommendation of recipe from LHBS guy (kit n bits). Used a dry enzyme in it. They have been in bottles for 8 weeks (to the day i think). Tasting pretty good now but not my favourite brew I have made - actually after a few glasses...
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    Raspberry Lemonade

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestions to the Cherry Ripe Dark Ale post. Still gathering info from the site and collecting ingredients (cherries are expensive in Qld). Considering steeping choc malt for this one but that is for a later discussion. Raspberry Lemonade - I was thinking of making a hard...
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    Cherry Ripe Dark Ale

    Hi, This is my first post. I have been brewing kits for a few months and so far all good. I have been thinking of including additives into my next brews and have looking at recipes on the net. My coopers dark ale kit with DME (and kit yeast) turned out quite nice. I have seen chocolate stout...