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  1. 431neb

    Beer Chillers / Glycol Systems / Icebanks.

    Hey all, I'm the proud owner of a RIO 20 icebank system and I was wondering if there is anyone with experience with these systems. The one I have was used in a bar but I want to utilise it in my home bar that consists of a 5 tap flooded font and a temperature controlled freezer to house my...
  2. 431neb

    Advice on DIY refrigerated cabinet please?

    So I have this ridiculous bar that needs a support crew of 40 odd freezers to make it run nicely. What I would like to do is insulate the cabinet below and attack one of my existing fridge/freezers for parts and utilise them to refrigerate the cabinet, thus doing away with two freezers that...
  3. 431neb

    SE melb free fermenter (bentleigh east)

    Some bottles caps, glucose, maybe some other shit. Having a clean up. If you can't come today .... On my phone so I'll be brief. No pics. It's a coopers fermenter and it's clean. The bottles are clean too. Some PET, some glass. I might take a 20 for the bottle tree as well. Be nice if it was...
  4. 431neb

    Never posted? Post now!

    OK full disclosure. As my post count tonight might attest, I'm on holiday in a place where there is nothing to do but fish, drink and surf the net on the only communication available to me; my pre paid iPad. I'm away from my beloved brewery and bar and I'm sick of James Squire stubbies and...
  5. 431neb

    When can you ferment at ambient temps at your place?

    Yep, I know almost all the time. Ignoring any FNQ K&K efforts that are at final gravity in 4 minutes, what I'm trying to ask is what season (or date if you like), can brewing at ambient temps be safely carried out without detriment to the fermenting beer? There must be a simpler way to ask this...
  6. 431neb

    Custom made square kegs?

    Has anyone ever tried to custom make a rectangular keg to perfectly fit into a keezer? I have the shelf over the compressor in my ice-cream fridge that I use to refrigerate 4 cornies but I would like to utilize the space over the shelf with something that has a larger volume than a 10 litre...
  7. 431neb

    Replacement sensor for stc 1000

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on ebay (or similar) for a replacement sensor for an STC 1000? I have a new controller and I've lost the damn lead / probe. There seem to be so many different ones available online but none look like the ones that are usually supplied. Thanks in advance.
  8. 431neb

    Internet speeds. What do you get?

    I'm with Optus and I (think) I have a cable internet connection. There's a little grey box on the side of the house so assuming it is paid up and connected that means I have cable. Can you tell this isn't my thing? Sometimes the internet seems to run slow and it takes ages to download porn AHB...
  9. 431neb

    Melbourne Kegerator for sale (2 Taps).

    Expressions of interest on a surplus kegerator. It's not mine but it looks solid and it works. I've cleaned it out and cleaned the taps and lines etc. It's a phillips fridge and it's had a sturdy aluminium shelf installed to hold the weight of the kegs and gas. The fridge is probably ten years...
  10. 431neb

    Brewstand steel free (relax it's not much)

    About 1.5 m long. Two of them. 425 mm inside to inside (from memory - look at that blurry photo). Free to good home. They were shelving that a mate didn't need. Both very sturdy. Would't take much work to make a quick and dirty brew-stand. Too many projects here and no room for more shit...
  11. 431neb

    You can never have too many, ______________.

    Fermenters and cubes.
  12. 431neb

    Evolution of a mash-tun.

    So I'm clicking away at AHB (as you do) searching for something interesting. Mostly I fail on this front and I start to wonder if my standards have risen or if there really is **** all interesting stuff happening on AHB at the moment. Thanks to those who are posting new stuff. So rather than...
  13. 431neb

    4 tap font Bulk Buy.

    Hello, my name is Ben and I am a frustrated font builder.... The purpose of this post is to evaluate the potential interest among AHB members in the possibility of a bulk-buy of an imported font. The font is a 4 tap, flooded, goalpost style "pipeline" font, sometimes referred to as a brauhaus...
  14. 431neb

    Help with car stereo purchase.

    I guess this is the best place to get an answer on this topic. It's vaguely beer related as I am fitting this to a bar that will house my keggerator. Going to a well known retailer in a bright yellow building tomorrow to by a car stereo to fit to my new bar. I'm determined to spend under $100...
  15. 431neb

    BeerSmith - General help and comments.

    Hey all, I'm a new user of BeerSmith. Thus - far very impressed with it's capabilities but I've been a little lost in the detail and there are a few items that I am having trouble coming to grips with. I know that BS has a dedicated trouble-shooting site and forum etc but AHB is always open and...
  16. 431neb

    Lime marmalade.

    I'm boiling some up as we speak. If it turns out OK I'll post the recipe. Hardly makes a dent in the lime supply. Only uses 8 or so . We chucked 60 in the bin last week and there's the same again on the ground now. Has anyone ever made a hard lemonade kinda recipe out of limes? I've looked...
  17. 431neb

    Stubbies up for grabs in SE Melb - empty unfortunately....

    Having made the move to kegs my need for kazillions of bottles is significantly reduced. Seems a shame to waste them when there might be a needy brewer out there. Maybe one of you knows a beginner who's liver aint up to the challenge of emptying some full ones? All the bottles are old school...
  18. 431neb

    Amber ale discussion (Galaxy, Simcoe, Citra)

    OK so I started out wanting to clone the Mountain Goat Fancy Pants amber ale and pretty soon realised (despite some well intentioned advice) that I have no idea. For this reason I have decided to simply aim for an amber ale with a beuatiful chestnut/ red glow that has a fairly "thick" mouth feel...
  19. 431neb

    Ghetto immersion chiller.

    Was cleaning up the shed and came across a coil of 1/2 inch annealed copper. I've wanted to make a wort chiller since I started AG so I just started messing around with it to see how hard it would be to coil. I know that most of you blokes coil it around a corny keg but I'm yet to take that step...