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  1. Jez

    Free Zymurgy and BYO magazines

    Hi, I have a foot-high stack of Brew Your Own and Zymurgy magazines from the 2000’s for free to whoever wants them. Local pickup from Petersham, NSW. Cheers, Jez
  2. Jez

    Books For Sale

    Hi, I've got the following books for sale: - Beer school: Bottling success at Brooklyn Brewery by Steve Hindy & Tom Potter - The 331/3 book about making of Beastie Boys Pauls Boutique by Dan Leroy - Let it blurt: the life and time of America's greatest rock critic Lester Bangs by Jim DeRogatis...
  3. Jez

    Melbourne CBD bottle shop recommendations

    Hi, i’ll be in Melbourne for one night staying at the Novotel Central 399 Little Lonsdale St and want to grab some cans and bottles of good local beer. Any bottle shop recommendations close by where I can stock up? I’ll be trying to get to Stomping Ground which appears to be an 18 min tram ride...
  4. Jez

    New Brewshop Inner West Sydney

    No affiliation but I live near Crystal St in Petersham and noticed a shiny new Country Brewer store opened up a short stroll from Parramatta Rd on Crystal St. Hadn't seen it mentioned here - it'll be good to have somewhere nearby to run to on brew day when I inevitably forget stuff.
  5. Jez

    Good bottle shops around Eight Mile Plains QLD?

    Hi, I'll be staying in Eight Mile Plains in Brisbane for a few days and need to find a good bottle shop nearby. All suggestions welcomed. Cheers
  6. Jez

    So glad Stone is now directly imported...

    Just saw a bottle of Arrogant Bastard in my local bottlo for $35. I know it's fresh but WTF?!?!
  7. Jez

    Free handy pail buckets

    Hi, Over time I've gathered a few too many of those Bunnings white handy pail buckets and am getting rid of 10 of them with new lids for free. They've been used for grain storage but are clean. Located in Petersham in Sydney. Cheers
  8. Jez

    FS: 36L Keep Cold complete mashtun $70

    I've upgraded my mashtun and so now am selling my old 36L round Keep Cold beverage cooler mashtun. It comes ready to use with a braid/slotted copper false bottom, mashmaster dial temp probe and three piece stainless ball valve. The inside of the cooler is slightly warped due to the heat of the...
  9. Jez

    Spiegelau IPA glasses - 6 for $48 + postage

  10. Jez

    2 x Mytton Rodd 22L kegs for sale - Sydney

    Hi, I have two Mytton Rodd-style 22 litre kegs for sale that need fixing that I've had since 2010. They need refurbing but come with three Mytton Rodd seal refurb kits I bought from OzBrew in 2010 for $14.95 each kit. They are ball lock and as stated will need a clean up - they have sat in my...
  11. Jez

    The Welcome Hotel - Rozelle NSW

    I dropped by The Welcome Hotel in Rozelle NSW last night and was pleasantly surprised by their taplist: - Ekim Brewing - After Battle Pale Ale - Riverside Brewing - 69 Summer Ale & 55 Pale Ale - Dennis Beer Co - Halo of Saturn Double IPA - Nail Brewing - Pale, Stout & two others I can't...
  12. Jez

    Brewdog TV show airs in September

    Dunno if this has already been mentioned but Brewdog have their own TV show "BrewDogs" airing in September: Airdate mentioned here:
  13. Jez

    Japan pub & sightseeing recommendations?

    Hi, I'll be in Japan from 22 March 2013 for 3 and a bit weeks and am looking for any beer/pub/brewery and general sightseeing recommendations. So far in Tokyo I'll be visiting: Popeye's - The Watering Hole - Bairds -...
  14. Jez

    409 Grade Stainless - Safe In A Randall?

    Hi, I purchased a length 2.5" stainless perforated exhaust tube with visions of using it to pimp my Aldi randall but I didn't do my research and it appears it may be 409 grade stainless (a magnet sticks to it) instead of the more preferable 304 grade. According to Google the only downside to 409...
  15. Jez

    Show Your Support For Tax Change For Small Breweries

    It's back again: Do like it says and send copies to you local member to show your support. Hopefully a change is getting closer. Jez
  16. Jez

    Ahb Blog Links Not Working

    Hi, I've seen a lot of references to Zwickel's blog here on AHB but the link to AHB blogs at the top of the page under to site sponsors appears to be broken. Any chance of the link getting fixed? Or does anyone have an external link to Zwickel's blog? Google gives me nada..... Cheers, Jez
  17. Jez

    Free Ugly Drum Smoker - Sydney

    Hi, Due to my imminent purchase of an offset smoker I have an ugly drum smoker I need to get rid of. I made it a few years ago but have not really had the time to use it. Pickup from Lilyfield in Sydney and I can post some pics if you are interested. Jez
  18. Jez

    18 Gallon Keg For Sale

    I have an 18 gallon keg for sale that I got secondhand from a winery. It's in good condition and isn't the one with a bung in side - just a hole in the top like a regular keg where the spear has been removed long ago (I don't have the spear). It's ready to have the top cut off & become an 80...
  19. Jez

    Two X 55 Litre Glass Demijohns For Sale

    Continuing my shed clean out I have two 55 litre (approx) glass demijohns with plastic cases for sale, both are used but in very good condition. Asking $30 each, pickup only from either Panania or Lilyfield in Sydney and send me a PM if you're interested. Jez
  20. Jez

    4 X 50l Kegs For Sale

    I'm cleaning out my shed and have to get rid of four 50L kegs that I bought from AHB user _WALLACE_ in his big decommissioned keg sale last year. They're not suitable anymore for use as a keg but cut the top off and they're very suitable for a HLT, mashtun etc Asking $50 each, pickup only in...