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  1. Murcluf

    Ikea l Ljus & l Mrk Lagers

    Just heard this mentioned on the radio this morning and thought I'd share it. It would be interesting to see what it would be like to try one. ikea-now-brews-its-own-beer-but-does-it-complement-swedish-meatballs According to the link below they also do ciders and snaps aswell Ikea Beverages
  2. Murcluf

    Wtf! Brewcraft Rogues Kits?

    Unsure if this has been bought up before, surfing the net and chasing some links regarding Rogues Barley Wines and stumbled over this link from the Rogues site. Brewcraft Rogue Kits "Oh my giddy Aunt" nearly chucked up my Imperial Stout.
  3. Murcluf

    In Cootamundra 6th & 7th Of Dec

    I'll be in Cootmundra for the nights of the 6th and 7th of December and wondering if there was any brewers in that part of the world who like to catch up. Or if you've been there before the best places to have a drink or get something to eat there. Never been there before so I no idea where to...
  4. Murcluf

    RecipeDB - Meerkat's Challenger ESB

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  5. Murcluf

    Anhc 2010 Sample Bag Grain?

    Could someone remind me what the sample bag of grain was that we recieved at ANHC 2010. I think someone said it might be under modified something???????? Thought I'd use it in something as it has been lying around long enough.
  6. Murcluf

    Perplexed About Diaceytl In A Single Bottle

    I have a perplexing question that has been doing my head in for the last few days. I brew an IPA which I kegged and had no issue with it, from that keg I CPF'd half a dozen bottles for comp and testers. The other day I opened the last 2 days first one fine just like the rest, the last bottle...
  7. Murcluf

    For Sale: Hop Rhizomes

    Its with a heavy heart that Ive decided to dig up my hop plants to make way for a new chicken run and vege patch. Thanks to skyrocketing food prices, got to try and save money somewhere. Leaving me no room in my back yard to grow hops. Thankfully I blessed with a freezer full of home grown hops...
  8. Murcluf

    Wtb: 1/2' Bsp Camlocks

    WTB: 15mm (1/2') BSP Stainless Steel Camlocks Types A,C,F If you have any you want to get rid of drop me a PM stating what you have, there condition and how much you want for them.
  9. Murcluf

    Wtb: Equipment For Brewery Project

    In the spirit of Franken Brew I have started the long term process of building a small scale brewery. Currently am running a very basic 23lt batch system and want to slowly expand up to anywhere between a 60 to 200 lt HERMS hopefully. I could just eventually just go and buy of the shelf retail...
  10. Murcluf

    Hop Swap

    Not instead of forking out for hop rhizomes at excessive prices how about nipping it in the bid right here and now with a good old Hop Swap. This is a way increasing your home grown hop selection by swapping some of your excess rhizomes for something your after, with someone else who is got what...
  11. Murcluf

    I Truly Have A Wife Who Understands

    Brewed back to back on Saturday and didn't get to clean out my kettle and on Sunday was out and had too many things so I didn't clean it then either. So I when I came home from work last night i had all good intention to do it then. My wife says to me I have a suprise for you and leads me...
  12. Murcluf

    Pitching On A Pat

    I am considering pitching the wort of my next brew onto the yeast pat I of the beer that is currently in the fermenter. Want to use the same yeast again in my next brew thought it would be just as easy to drop the wort straight on the fresh one or should just scoop out a couple of cups after I...
  13. Murcluf

    Where Do You Buy Craftbeer Brewed With Chinese Hops

    Can anyone tell me what craftbrewer/micro has bought these chinese hops, and what beers they have brewed with them as I'd love to try some? Want to know what real beer tastes like with them........
  14. Murcluf

    Fs: Marga Mill

    For Sale: She is a much loved and very faithful 2.5 year old modified Marga Mill in excellent condition. She has been replaces by a buxom and shapely Barley Crusher with a 15lb hopper. Asking price $60 for pick up, $75 for posted PM me if you want it
  15. Murcluf

    Hobart What To See And Do Beer Wise Besides The Cascade Tour?

    I'm taking the family down to Hobart on Wednesday for 5 days and want to know what to see and do beer wise besides the Cascade tour? Any good pubs/micros around Hobart to check out, been told to go up to Norfolk and check the hop gardens as well even though now isn't the best time to go. Any...
  16. Murcluf

    Need Help Id'ing These Taps

    I recently got myself a couple of second hand taps and am unable to indentify the style or manufacturer of these taps. Id like to replace all the plastic and rubber parts of the taps with new parts as some parts are worn or damaged. If you know these taps where can I source parts from either...
  17. Murcluf

    Wtb: 2 Tap Font, Taps & Drip Tray

    Hi AHBers, I'm looking for a 2 tap font , taps and a drip tray only interested in anything in good condition and above, perfer snap lock connections, not too fussy about tap styles or whether flooded or not or style of drip tray. Will consider a 3 tap font if you have one but perfer a 2 tap...
  18. Murcluf

    Cascade Cans @ Coles

    Went into my local Coles tonight and spotted discontinued line stickers on their Cascade range of Cans. Obviously Coles aren't making enough off of them or Cascade are not paying enough for shelf space as they are now on the bottom shelf.
  19. Murcluf

    Wood Chips & Barrel Aging Beer

    I'd like to hear what experiences people have had with using wood chips and barrel aging beer? I was listening to a basic brewing podcast where a bloke was talking about barrel aging beer and he used a chair leg stuck in the end of a carboy to do his, he also mentioned using wood chips. All...
  20. Murcluf

    Yeast Sediment On The Top Of The Bottle?

    I just check a belgian triple I bottled in August and found a large number of bottles about 50% with a film of yeast sediment on both the bottom and the top of the botlle. It is definetly yeast not infection and the beer itself is crystal clear couldn't ask for better. They are bottled in 250ml...