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  1. AndrewQLD

    Recipedb - Andrewqld Lite Rice Lager

    Hi Greg, 19.12 lt water for sparge was what I used on mys system. Cheers Andrew
  2. AndrewQLD

    Birthday Drinks

    Happy birthday Brad, hope you have a great day.
  3. AndrewQLD

    Which brews benefit from finings?

    I've used brewtan B several times and I'm not happy with the results, unless you filter the end results are very murky. Have since discovered this is more a flavour and colloidal stabiliser with some protein haze reduction ability and in no way compares to the results obtained by using BrewBrite...
  4. AndrewQLD

    Mmm....Is the Gov starting to crackdown on distilling ?

    Actually I think this might have all flared up thanks to the idiots selling distilling gear openly and obviously on the internet and more importantly on ebay. When small brew shops were quietly selling to local clientèle the exposure was minimal, however now that ebay sales and internet stores...
  5. AndrewQLD

    Sauerkraut Mk1

    Great color there rude.
  6. AndrewQLD

    Will a low mash temp help an over dose of crystal?

    If anything I think a low mash temp giving you a dryer less body in the beer will detract from the finished product, with all that crystal you would want some body to compliment the flavours off the malt. You haven't mentioned the beer style or hops but that grain bill could make a good Sierra...
  7. AndrewQLD

    Brewers With Solar Power

    Just got our first full bill back from Ergon, $195.00. Same time last year we paid $704.00 so I'm very happy. What I am not happy about is that Ergon have just introduced a service charge of $85.00 a quarter so in reality my actual usage cost was $110.00 for the quarter.
  8. AndrewQLD

    Coopers Pale Ale All Grain Recipe

    No Hutchy, go with the no sugar recipe, if you use the coopers yeast recultured or the white labs Australian ale it will attenuate down to 1.004 without a problem.
  9. AndrewQLD

    Sukumaran and Chan

    A little one-eyed there aren't you? Looks like Shorten has also gauged the public attitude and is playing the popular card. they are all tarred with the same brush LABOR will push the...
  10. AndrewQLD

    Sukumaran and Chan

    While it's all very well blaming the AFP for doing their job this guy deserves a lot of the blame as well What kind of a Barrister is so ignorant of the...
  11. AndrewQLD

    University Survey requires feedback

    It's a shame they don't actually say what the purpose of the survey is, why it's being done and who it's being done for apart from it being "beneficial to the sector".
  12. AndrewQLD

    Topics not showing in recent posts list

    Brew club postings don't show on the latest posts list because there are a lot of brew clubs registered with the forum, in the past when they were appearing in the latest posts list they were tending to flood the list and since, in general the brew club posts are only relevant to brew club...
  13. AndrewQLD

    Birthday Drinks

    Many happy returns Winkle, here's to ya mate :party:
  14. AndrewQLD

    Aussie beer brewed in China

    No, but we brew Stella here and don't make it obvious it isn't brewed in Europe. My point was that this sort of stuff happens more often than we think and not just stuff imported from China
  15. AndrewQLD

    Aussie beer brewed in China

    it does if you look at Stella Artois being brewed here under license, it's very difficult to tell the fully imported one from the one brewed here, until you taste it.
  16. AndrewQLD

    Is coopers halal?

    Funny thing about that new baby paleo diet book, you'd think paleo baby's would have been raised on the breast and not given the prime cuts of liver that would have gone to the hunters.
  17. AndrewQLD

    Is coopers halal?

    Halal certified? Just another marketing tool that company's are jumping on in order to increase their market share. No different to the Tick foundation, heart smart, low carb, high fibre, Kosher certified ect.
  18. AndrewQLD

    cold or warm beer from the bottlo

    Not sure it would be an issue in most major bottlo's, turnover of major stock would be fast enough that they wouldn't age perceptibly. On a side note, when I first moved to QLD 20 years ago, a carton from the coolroom was $3.00 more than the warm carton on the shop floor, most Qlders took the...
  19. AndrewQLD

    Independent Bottlos In Brisbane

    Moved from retailers forum. Retailers only are to post new threads in the retailers forum.
  20. AndrewQLD

    Recipedb - Coopers Pale Ale Clone

    Here is the water profile from Coopers Hope valley water supply, mind you it's a few years old. Coopers hope valley water Calcium: 24.00 ppm Sulfate: 52.00 ppm Magnesium: 16.00 Chloride: 121.00 ppm Sodium: 71.00 ppm Bicarbonate: 70.00 ppm PH: 7.00 I have another file somewhere that I just...