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  1. hellbent

    DrSmurto GA

    Anyone able to help me here, I love Dr Smurtos Golden Ale and it is mainly all I brew over the last few years but sadly I'm getting serious advice from my Doc (I have type 2 diabetes) and he has advised me to cut right down on my intake and to get onto midstrength. I want to drop my my usual...
  2. hellbent

    Mildura breweries

    Can anyone tell me if the Mildura Brewery is still going? I'm going to Mildura next week and someone told me that they no longer do the beer paddles and no takeaway and that it is close to closing down, Also is there another micro brewery of sorts in the area? thanks in advance guys
  3. hellbent

    Carbohemian in Dr Smurto Golden Ale

    The good docs Golden Ale is my go to brew of choice and has been for quite a while. I have always used 5% caramunich11 (EBC 110 -130) with 55% MO as base and 20% Rye & 20% Vienna, but the other day I come across an item which says he now prefers Carbohemian which has an EBC of 170 - 220. to the...
  4. hellbent


    I need help with a dick head question .....I have a mate just starting up and he is making a brew using LME, he put a batch down yesterday of just LME, 19ltrs water and 05 yeast and rang me this morning to say nothing is happening...does he also need to add a can of coopers draught or something...
  5. hellbent

    why oh why!

    I went to the pub last night for a meal and a beer and finished up totally pissed off all because of slack Bar Staff. Can some one please explain why oh bloody why do they consistently insist on trying to put that extra squirt of beer into your pot when it just isn't bloody needed? Often they...
  6. hellbent

    stainless steel containers

    Dunno if these are still available or if their any good to anyone or not.
  7. hellbent

    non -alcohol ginger beer

    Is there a recipe, or is it possible, to make a no alcohol or low alcohol ginger beer or cider etc that I could brew for my sweet wife? She has asked a few times now to make something but I manage to keep changing the subject, but now since I have a lot better grasp on brewing, I feel I would...
  8. hellbent

    thermometer set up

    Hi, at the moment my 19L SS kettle has a weld-less tap in it and it also has a Dial Thermometer With 2" Probe set about 2 inches up from bottom of kettle and I put a cake rack with SS bolts for legs over the probe to stop snagging the bag. I have often seen pics of kettles with the Dial...
  9. hellbent

    110V-220VAC stc1000

    just a quick question... I am waiting on a stc1000 to arrive from Sydney and I have just noticed when looking at the item online again that it's a 110V-220VAC system, I'm now wondering, and have doubts, if that will run safely off the 240v power system in my home? or perhaps do I need a...
  10. hellbent

    any recommendations?

    I have bought a 2 night package at the "Vue Hotel" in Geelong for next week and I'm wondering if any member from the Geelong area can recommend some where nice in Geelong for the good lady and myself to go for Dinner? Also I have snared a night at "115 Hotel Kew" that is coming up soon and was...
  11. hellbent

    parcel rates rise

    Don't know if its been mentioned anywhere in the forums but as of today parcel postage goes up so Australia Post can cash in on the online shopping happenings. I heard on 3AW this morning that some parcels rates will rise by approx. 30% and there will be a $2.90 fee to sign for goods. Greed...
  12. hellbent

    what does (°P): 11.0 mean ?

    Just looking at recipes worked out with brewmate and some come up with a line like such :- Original Gravity (OG): 1.039 (°P): 9.8......... What does the (°P): 9.8 part of the line mean??/ Al
  13. hellbent

    high gravity after boil

    Hi Guys, I have just brewed up a DSGA 12ltr and all went well right up to the boil. My SG prior to boil was 1.035 @ 45c which calibrated to 1.044 (brewmate suggested 1.042) so I'm happy there, but my reading after boil was 1.056 @ 42c, this calibrated to 1.064 (compared to...
  14. hellbent


    The good Doc in town has informed me that after my blood test results came through that my sugar content is way to high and that Diabetes is a huge possibility. I have been brewing 10ltr mini AG brews of about 6 - 7% ABV. and now wish to concentrate on beers of about 3.5 to 4% yet still be a...
  15. hellbent

    cake stand for mash

    Hi Guys I have a Big W cheapo 19ltr s/s pot that I use for mashing. It is fitted with a weldless thermometer that has a 2'' probe about 2'' or so up from the bottom of the pot so therefore I need to keep my BIAB Bag up a bit to clear the probe. I have read a lot online where a Stainless Steel...
  16. hellbent

    Hops Query

    I am making a 14ltr DSGA that calls for Amarillo Pellets, 8.9 AA%. I got some Amarillo the other day through ebay and they were labelled Amarillo Pellets 10.1 AA%. the recipe calls for 20g @ 60mins [email protected] 10min & 5min 0min Can someone tell me what, if any, is the difference between the 8.9% and...
  17. hellbent

    Dial Thermometer In My Kettle

    I would like somehow to put a Bi Metal dial thermometer ( as seen in CB site) as a permanent fixture in my kettle. As I BIAB my main concern is that the 3" probe would cause a problem with my Grain Bag. is there a remedy for this?? Or is there a dial thermometer, that with fittings, I could fit...
  18. hellbent

    Thank You

    Well fellas it has happened! I have, ( after many failed stuff ups) turned out the almost perfect DSGA! It is just fabulous beer and tastes just bloody great and I cant leave it alone, the good lady is concerned about my drinking to much. lol I just want to thank all you wise gurus of AHB...
  19. hellbent

    Dsga Seems Flat

    About 2 weeks ago I posted about my concern on the numbers on my 14ltr DS Golden Ale and was informed by some of you knowledgeable people that they were ok. I have had it fermenting in my Fermenting fridge at between 18c and 20c for 12 days now with the intention to bottle it in another 2 days...
  20. hellbent

    Poor Sg Before And After Boil

    Just done a 14l Dr Smurto GA and got some weird results. My 3kg/ 9ltr mash went in @ 75c and came out at 64c which wasn't bad. I then done a sparge/rinse with about 12 ltrs water @ 85c (realised later that Brewmate reckoned 10l as correct amount) so after the sparging/rinsing I finished up with...