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  1. Rod

    Where has my Brewmate gone

    Went to use the Brewmate software gone I had printed out all my recipes a few years ago went to run a recipe through the software no go tried to refresh the Brewmate , no go is there a replacement or a refresh regards Rod
  2. Rod

    Still spirits 5 litre reflux ring clamp

    Do you have a 5 litre still spirits reflux still ring clamp my clamp is broken and after some searches , I cannot get a replacement I have found a replacement , but can only get one that is about 2 cm too big
  3. Rod

    Stalled brew

    I made a Coopers Mexican Cerves with 1.8 kg of light malt extract starting @ 1050 after 9 days it has stopped at 1018 22 degrees C never happened before gave it a stir and but a heat band on it never happened to me in 20 years or so will it survive :thumbsdown:
  4. Rod

    Mistake with Brew volume

    I made a batch of Coopers Session ale using Brewmate but only filled the fermenter to 23 litres instead of the aim which was 25 litres My beer is now 4.3 % , not the aim 3.6 % mind you I can drink it , but is now not the mid strength ale , that I wanted I bulk prime my brews with dextrose...
  5. Rod

    Thomas Coopers Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling Ingredient Can Home Brew Stockists

    Looking for Thomas Coopers Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling Ingredient Can or Sparkling Ale can Home Brew stockists in western Sydney
  6. Rod

    Bottling direct from a fermentasaurus

    I tried to find out if I could hand bottle from a fermentasaurus directly into bottles 700 pages later could not find , so decided to post a quickie the plan was to remove the trub , add carbonation medium ( dextrose in warm water to dissolve) add to fermentasaurus , stir , connect brewers...
  7. Rod

    Is this brewmate download site safe can anybody verify this this brewmate site is safe My brewmate file has stopped working I like brewmate it is simple and free
  8. Rod

    Blood alcohol tester

    This is probably or maybe in the wrong area I purchased a breathalyzer many years ago and it was hopeless , did not work I have seen a lot on ebay , at varying prices , some cheap , some expensive can anybody recommend something they know does the job and is affordable , that works with in reason
  9. Rod

    would like to know what happened to my topic on torrified wheat

    I would like to know what happened to my topic on torrified wheat somebody in admin must have deleted the topic maybe a PM to tell me why
  10. Rod

    Infusion of 200 crystal methods

    I have made many batches of Abbey Ale from Coopers Canadian Blonde the recipe calls for the day before add 200g Crystal ( 100g torrified wheat , 80g crystal 30 and 20g carafa III to 2 litres of cold water in a mesh bag and rest in the rice cooker for 24 hours , then drain has worked...
  11. Rod

    Brewers Friend

    I have used brewmate for years Brewers Friend looks the same can I save my recipes from Brewermate to Brewers Friend any one with first hand experience with Brewers Friend the site listed in this forum looks safe some sites were not good in the...
  12. Rod


    I buy some of my hops from Yakima Valley hops Needed some Styrian Goldings they have some US Goldings are they the same hops Rod
  13. Rod

    Low Alcohol Saison

    I make a Saison of which I am quite fond of Original recipe add 6 litres water to pot add 1200 g dried light malt extract add 550 g dried wheat extract bring to boil set timer to 60 min add 60 saaz at 30 minutes add 20 g saaz at flame out add 20 g saaz and the 1200 g dried light malt...
  14. Rod

    KB lager from the Bronzed Aussie Book

    The KB lager from the Bronzed Aussie Book uses 3.6 kg Weyermann Pilsner and 1.2 kg Castle 6 row Pilsner in a 23 litre batch with East Kent Goldings and Hallertau Hersbrucker hops with lager yeast I am a stove top brewer and planned to use 80% of the grain bill but will need to use...
  15. Rod

    Drinking beer is the secret to long life
  16. Rod

    Grumpy's Boston Cream

    I just had a look a the list of brews I have made and Boston Cream came in as a 4 out of 5 rating ( only did even numbers ) A simple brew pack from Grumpy’s Brewhaus I made it in March 2005 and gave it a 4 would love to make it again need a few hints , particularly yeast Now looking...
  17. Rod

    First stuck batch in 15 years

    I had a stuck or stalled brew , the first in 15 years used an old can , 9 months old , of kit beer with supplied yeast stopped at 1018 after 9 days stirred it up the next day had not moved much increased heat from 22 degrees to 26 degrees and has now moved to 1014 unfortunately it now has...
  18. Rod

    view new button not working

    I have been on this forum for yonks the view new button has always worked until now can somebody help me
  19. Rod

    Grolsch Bottles -- free

    Grolsch Bottles -- free 100 bottles all clean , no labels good seals on most supply exceeds demand pick up Greystanes , NSW PM me
  20. Rod

    Is there any significant in using liquid malt extract and dry malt ext

    In some extract brews the recipes can call for say 1.5 kg liquid light malt extract and say 1 kg dry light malt extract to add to get the right OG I buy my light malt extract by the 20kg bag to save costs it can be an annoyance to have to buy some liquid extract when I can use an equivalent...