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  1. petesbrew

    What are you listening to

    Hey guys, My band Traumasaur has its first gig tomorrow night, Thursday 24th September, at Moshpit in Newtown. We're up first at 8pm, followed by Kontrasto, Commodore Charlie, and Avalanche. It's gonna be a fun, loud night! We've filled the house already, but there's a livestreaming link ($12)...
  2. petesbrew

    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    Lol, yeah seen a few posts similar. Rainbows, and cute puppydog gifs will save us all, right? Definitely some massive fucktard behaviour that comes out in humanity, as shown on the news. Try your best to not join in with them. As Buddha said, "Don't be a malaka".
  3. petesbrew

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Wow, a lot more ads on this site since the last time I logged in!
  4. petesbrew

    What are you listening to

    Loving the new Tool album. I class it as chillout music. It's stuff you can put on for a mundane task at work and just get things done.
  5. petesbrew

    What’s your bad brewing habit?

    No temperature control. Probably the worst of the lot, but I roll with it. Saison's in summer, that's my motto.
  6. petesbrew

    Beer motivated trip to Belgium... anyone been there?

    Definitely get to Brugges if you have time. As well as the beer and generally getting lost wandering around the old town, a tour of the flanders fields and all the WWI stuff is worth it.
  7. petesbrew

    Leffe Creme Caramels

    Had guests over yesterday so I made up these creme caramels from Merc's Cooking With Beer book. I used my 8.9% belgian pale ale I recently brewed. One for the dish, one for the chef. Damn they were beautiful. You could really taste the beer in the sauce, almost like pouring fresh wort over one...
  8. petesbrew

    Damn Good Stout recipes

    Here's my notes for my current Oyster Stout - it's a double batch based on my previous recipe. One thing that's important, buy fresh oysters - I'd bought some last week while up at Pt Stephens, ate the oysters, brought the shells home and stupidly left them on the garage bench. When I went to...
  9. petesbrew

    Damn Good Stout recipes

    Sorry Phoney, A 4 months late reply here. I've got my 3rd oyster stout planned - a double batch. I base it on a dry stout recipe. I add a dozen shells to the boil at 60min. First time I did it I added the meat as well for the 60min, and ate them afterwards. They weren't great. The beer is bloody...
  10. petesbrew

    Mould in brew, any chance of saving ?

    As long as the hydrometer samples taste fine I'd continue as normal.
  11. petesbrew

    'battle Of The Toucans'

    Haven't brewed since November, due to life getting in the way, and a low care factor. But my stocks are empty, first time in many years. I have some grain ready to go for a brew, but in the meantime, I picked up the gear for something similar. Toucan Coopers Stout/Dark, 500g brown sugar, 30-40g...
  12. petesbrew

    No Topic Thread

    Ladies and Lads In case anyone wants to do some tastings this Saturday, 16th July 2018 my band The Dead Set, is playing at Staves Brewery with the Dirty Winter and We Are Not Robots. Free entry. Get on it! I may not have my beer in a brewery, but dammit this should be fun.
  13. petesbrew

    Brew your own microbreweries and their place in the craft beer scene

    Honestly if someone can make an epic beer out of malt extract, hats off to them.
  14. petesbrew

    What are you listening to

    Thanks Mongey. It was a fun gig. Great bands. If anyone gets a chance, go check out Battlesnake. Epic triple guitar solo stuff.
  15. petesbrew

    What are you listening to

    Hey guys, If anyone in Sydney is up for seeing some live bands this coming friday, I'm playing my first gig with The Dead Set. I'm nervous as hell, especially as it's been about 21 years between bands, but I'll be rockin my hardest, so come along for a beer and headbang and say hi! It's $10 at...
  16. petesbrew

    How many of you get the 10c a bottle or can?

    It's a shite scheme, but f##k it. I'll make the most of it. Every bottle & can goes round the side in a tub. When it's full, I take it down to the local carwash that does it by hand. So far I've reclaimed $20.
  17. petesbrew

    RADFEST - Bald Faced Stag

    Just a reminder this gig is coming up. 7 bands, $10. good beers and schnitzels (well, I actually haven't tried them myself, but I will!) Come along, have a mosh, heckle a shite guitarist. If I hear any negativity, I know an AHBer is somewhere in the house. :party:
  18. petesbrew

    How Much Did You Brew In 2017

    When you can't remember what you brewed, you know it wasn't enough. Probably brewed about 8 times? Got a couple of saisons brewed before christmas arrived. That's the main thing. Brewing's on a bit of a hiatus at the moment. I wouldn't say I've given up, as I love creating my own beer. But my...
  19. petesbrew

    RADFEST - Bald Faced Stag

    2.2km is a good stagger home, Phoney. - should be able to cancel out a schooner.