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    Recipedb - Coopers Pale Ale Clone

    So by adding a small amount of yeast just before packaging mean they have killed off the original yeast and are adding maybe a different strain?
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    Foam, carbonation and kegging

    There have been reports of some of the new kegs sold today having pin holes in the dip tube and or the o ring under the top of the dip tube not sealing properly. This could explain the bubbles coming up the line even in water. I would be look at this. As far as carbonation goes, if you have...
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    Foam, carbonation and kegging

    How do you initially carbonate? Force carb for a couple of days or serving pressure for a week or so?
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    Why do ALL of my can kits taste bad?

    I think it has a lot to do with personal taste and what one is used to. I have tried many home brews that the person brewing it says it is the best, only to find it virtually undrinkable.
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    Another home brew twang/sweetness question

    Your or anyone else's kit brews are not going to be as good a quality as even basic commercial brews. So don't worry. Some people claim their's are, but I haven't experienced it. Not even close. Unfortunately kits equal sweetness and twang. Having said that you minimise these and can still...
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    Another home brew twang/sweetness question

    You may be able to tell it's bad but it's very difficult to judge at the bottling stage how good a beer is going to be. Give it a few weeks and see how it goes. Having said that, I am very surprised you got a 3kg liquid malt xtract brew down to 1010, especially with S04. Usually they would be...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Yeah, ethanol plus 5-10% other to denature. Other being methyl alcohol, acetone, benzene, ketones etc. Wouldn't think it's food grade.
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    My beers at 1.020

    As pointed out 1020 is a little too high. Give it another week and see what happens.
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    My beers at 1.020

    If you did in fact have all those ingredients and an OG of 1.058 the pissy little 7g kit yeast would not have been enough and will probably have thrown in the towel early. 7g is arguably not enough for a standard 1.040 brew.
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    Kit yeast stalled?

    I think the yeast in that range is probably worse that their supermarket range, draught, lager etc. Definitely not any better. I have never understood why, regardless of the strain, coopers and others can't just put an extra couple of grams of yeast in the packs. Wouldn't cost them much more and...
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    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    Nottingham is as good as any. Maybe next time only one x1.5kg tin in the 12L boil. Stick the rest in the end or even in the fermenter. Boiling hops in that high gravity is not ideal as you don't get as much out of them. Also that could be why it is darker than expected, a bit of...
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    First extract brew recipe (American Pale Ale) - Advice for improvements?

    Did you actually get down to 1011? Nottingham may have chomped it down that far but sometimes when you use all liquid malt, not being as fermentable as it could be, you may end up 1014-1015 which leaves sweetness. Personally, when I make beers by this method, I will sub out about 500g of malt...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    How times have changed
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    LME instead of Can of Goop

    Liquid malt, dry malt, same thing just one has 20% water. Yes, what you are thinking is, for me, a quantum leap from kits. You may find you will have to substitute some liq/dry malt for dextrose if you want a finishing gravity less than 1.014 or so. Not so bad if you are making an ipa or...
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    Xpa tastes like VB

    If that recipe tasted even remotely like VB, give up brewing, I would. The only resemblance would be it's amber and wet...…..
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    All Grain - is it substantially better beer?

    I think its a time thing and also what type of beers you like. You can make perfectly acceptable bitter, hoppy beers with unbittered extract. Or maybe even kits if your taste isn't too particular. But for low body, low bittered, low hop styles I reckon grain brewing is the only way to go.
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    Malty flavours fading

    If it last long enough, it will start to get better again towards the end. Mine do, and have the same symptoms earlier on.
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    KegKing now at

    That's the first laugh for the year. :bigcheers:
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Out of stock, pushing back in stock dates a number of times. Just a few more things bought along from Keg King. Being told when something is going to be in stock in a week and it ends up being 2 months, after being told next week, next week a couple of times along the way is a disgraceful way...
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    Robobrew Gen 3

    Is this the first time it has been used from new?