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  1. petesbrew

    Leffe Creme Caramels

    Had guests over yesterday so I made up these creme caramels from Merc's Cooking With Beer book. I used my 8.9% belgian pale ale I recently brewed. One for the dish, one for the chef. Damn they were beautiful. You could really taste the beer in the sauce, almost like pouring fresh wort over one...
  2. petesbrew

    RADFEST - Bald Faced Stag

    Hey there fellow brewers, I've recently joined "The Dead Set", a hard rock/pub punk band as rhythm guitarist, alongside a fellow HBG & AHB member, MVZoom, who's bashing away on drums. Anyway, RADFEST is a gig we're playing at, along with 6 other local Sydney bands: The Black Knuckles, Rk Ally...
  3. petesbrew

    Specials/on sale thread?

    Not sure if there's a thread here for specials, but I'll post this one anyway. Was just at 1st Choice at North Rocks earlier. They had a big stack of Weihenstephan gift packs. 3x 500ml bottles (pils, kristal & hefe) & a 500ml glass. Was $25, now $10. Just checked the date on the bottles I...
  4. petesbrew

    FS - Perle Rhizome (huge)

    One Perle Rhizome for sale. This thing is pretty huge & has flowered for the past 2 summers. $10 Pickup from Hills Area or CBD. PM me for details. Cheers Pete edit: I did stick a few bits that broke off in some pots. If they take off, I'll put them up for sale too.
  5. petesbrew

    Monteith's IPA "Brewers Series"

    Found this tonight at first choice. Monteith's IOA "brewers series" 500ml, 5.5% 35IBU $7 Gotta say I was disappointed. Bugger all in the hop department. A very bland beer. Sad because I usually like monteiths. Anyone else tried it?
  6. petesbrew

    Hyundai Excel

    Hyundai Excel '94 for sale Perfect for bulk grain buys. I easily fit 13sacks in it without even trying, and it only scraped once getting into my driveway. Couldn't be arsed printing the ad all out again, so here's the link. Mention this ahb ad and I'll fill the glovebox with homebrew. :kooi...
  7. petesbrew

    Smoked Porter - advice & flamings

    Hi lads, I felt like trying out some rauchmalt finally, and figure I'll try it in a porter, seeing as the cooler weather is coming up and this could be the go. I've usually just used english hops in my porters & stouts, but I'm running low on them and have heaps of US hops available (have plenty...
  8. petesbrew

    Brief Intro

    Membership is very relaxed. No fees, not official format. Just a bunch of home brewers that meet each month alternating between pizza shops in North Rocks and Baulkham Hills and sharing our home brewed creations. We have brewers of all levels from kit + kilo to commercial. We meet on the last...
  9. petesbrew

    Keg Usage?

    Just blew my first keg dry last night, after only a month. Damn, I was kinda expecting this to last me till mid January. How long do you find a keg usually lasts you guys?
  10. petesbrew

    Vb Back To Full Strength

  11. petesbrew

    Vb Social Experiment Fun could be had in the comments section ;)
  12. petesbrew

    Perle Smash - Comments, Advice Welcome

    Hi guys, I'm gathering courage to finally use my perle flowers I got off my vine. (about 120g dried). As this is the first time I've used fresh hop flowers, I'm fishing for advice or comments on the recipe. And for any techniques or tips. I was going to use a hopbag and just keep adding the...
  13. petesbrew

    Small Bars

    Workmate just told me about an aquaintance opening this place. Great name if you're into that sorta thing....
  14. petesbrew

    Trainworks Winter Beer Festival Just got fwded this from some workmates.
  15. petesbrew

    Misheard Lyrics

    Four Legged Woman Four Legged Woman, two knees. Bee Gees
  16. petesbrew

    Perfect Beer Project Articles like this make me cringe. Not to mention sentences like this. "Lager has dominated as the most popular beer - 73 per cent - with ales and pale ales next on 10 per cent and 9 per cent respectively."
  17. petesbrew

    Beer Can Cars A mate fwded an email, and I luckily found this identical link. Absolutely amazing model cars. Enjoy
  18. petesbrew

    Ag Base For A Framboise

    Hey guys, Making up a framboise for my 10yr anniversary, as it's the only beer my wife sorta likes. Done a few kit versions before using the Canadian Blonde as a base, but what would you all suggest for an AG base? So far I'm guessing belgian or american blonde, or belgian pale ale recipes...
  19. petesbrew

    News Article - Liquid Bans To Be Lifted Really it only concerns me when I'm flying back in from Thailand next year (a bit cheaper there), but I can't wait to see this happen.
  20. petesbrew

    What Your Favourite Beer Says About You Saw this in the paper on the weekend. Someone got paid to do this survey. Just makes you want to slap yourself.