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    WTB: 40L Birko Urn - Perth

    Hi all , any Perthites out there looking to offload a 40L urn? Preferably concealed element Cheers!
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    Brew Controller - Perth NOR

    Hi All, is anyone in need of a controller?? PM me an offer Cheers! RL
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    FS: Perth NOR - Single Vessel Build Parts

    HI Guys. I have deconstructed my single vessel build - I no longer have the space for it so here are the parts I have left up for grabs Mag Drive Pump - Keg King MKII - Needs new Pump Head as I was going to convert it to S/S but never got around to it. It has a Powercon connector but this is...
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    S/S Sheet in Perth

    Afternoon everyone - For all you Perthies out there who have or are building a Brau clone - can someone point me in the right direction. I am chasing some S/S Sheet to make my filter plates and stand , however the scrap metalers i have rung either dont take walk in's or havent been very...
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    Free - Bar Fridge - Perth Nor

    Hi Guys I have a bar fridge that is surplus to requirements. its pretty old, it lived in my shed, it has no shelves its a bit rusty around the outside but it still works. i have been using it for CC'ing recently but have also used it with a temp controller for fermenting in the past. It will...
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    Wtb: Two-way Font Unflooded

    HI Guys/Gals, I'm after a two-way font, chrome finish, unflooded and in good nick.. Anyone got one they want to offload? I already have taps fitted with with male snap locks so i dont need taps. I am replacing two of these fonts (except mine are gold or brass plated), which i have been using...
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    Royal Wedding Merchandise Worth Buying?
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    What Adaptors Are Need For This Tap

    Hey guys, i have this tap that im pretty sure i got when i bought my kegs. sorry for the crap phone pics! What adaptor do i need to fit these to my font? (i beleive the fittings on the font are snaplock? or fat lock?) In the second picture, you cant see but internally it has grooves where a...
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    50l Keg Volume Measurement

    hey guys - can anyone let me know the measurements of the volume markings on their 50L keggles?? I cant be bothered using my 1 litre jug to 'calibrate' my markings :) example: 35cm from keg base = 12 litres Can someone help me out? the Keg i have is a 50L swan brewery (35.5cm ID) CHeers!
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    Split Dried Yeast Packet For Two Brews?

    Hey guys, doing 2 brews today, both using the same yeast (US-05) but i only have one packet of yeast! didnt plan that very well lol Anyway, can someone let me know if i can split the one pack between two brews? If so, how? (if its more complex than simply dividing the pack in half) Cheers
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    How To Clean A Font

    Hey guys/gals I have just received these fonts from ebay. they are pretty mucky oustide and internally, just wondering whats the best agents to use to clean the outside? I was thinking of soapy water followed by bleach or something? Anyone got some tips for me? I was just going to clean the...
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    Beer Tap Height

    Hi Guys, i have a font coming to mount on my converted chest freezer, but im a little worried the overall height will be a little high. I have worked out that the height is going to be 1550mm from the floor to the center line of the taps. Do you think this is a little high , about normal...
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    What Should The Wort T Taste Like

    Ok, i did my first biab on sunday, i tasted the wort as soon as it cooled..... and it wasnt very pleasant lol, it had a burnt taste to it Should wort taste this bad? or should i not panic until a have fermented? Andy. P.S. I brewed Drsmurto's ale recipe.
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    Refill Small Co2 From Large C02

    OK guys, this may sound really dumb or obvious, but... i was looking at my new keg freezer today and thinking that i would like to purchase a small C02 bottle to fit inside it (i currently have a large shoulder height one, i think its F size?) . But the F size is full and will take eons to...
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    Kegging Problem - Help!

    OK guys, newb kegging questions coming up Have just started kegging and im having all sorts of drama.. ill start from the beginning 1. Brewed a coopers blond as per the instructions with BE2 . Fermented for 10 days 2. transferred to keg yesterday 3. force carbed as per ross method this...
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    Replacing Thermostat In Frezzer

    Hi , i have just started pulling my freezer apart to convert it to a fridge, i have unwired the thermostat controller, however the silver tube that goes up into the freezer plate is stuck or caught on something? I have not tried to pull it too hard just in case i break it? Can i just yank it...
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    Coopers Real Ale -

    Hey everyone, i might just be paranoid, but after only 4 hours there is a heavy sediment (looks like un-disolved extract) at the bottom of my fermenter. The extract was a Coppers real ale, brewed as per the instructions. Is this normal? This is my 4th Brew but i cant recall the others (black...
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    Kegging Question

    Haylo everybody This might be a dumb question but any feedback is appreciated 1. Can i keg my kit/extract brew rather than bottling? (Coopers home brew kit) 2. If yes, will the enhance the brew in anyway 3. If yes, whats the approx cost of a decent kegging setup, i.e kegs, gas, line , taps etc...
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    Black Rock Cider

    Hi Guys, Im a total novice, so any help will be greatly appreciated. I bought a coopers home brew kit to get me started a coulple of weeks back, i have bottled my first brew of the coopers lager that comes in the kit, all that seemed to go off smoothly. I thought i would try cider for the...