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    Kegging Gear For Sale - Adelaide

    I am sure someone will be interested in some of this. May post the small stuff, but would rather pick up. 8 Pin Lock Kegs May need new seals. All have pressure relief valves. $50ea or $300 the lot 1 x 10 Gallon (approx) Keg. Pin Lock posts. May need new seals. 390mm dia x 570mm high $100...
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    Stainless Steel Kegs

    I have come across some stainless containers that may be of some use to someone. Usual dents and scratches. They use to contain food grade essences. Located in Adelaide 3x45 litre (2 with tap thread) 325dia X 550h ---- $60ea 1X28 litre ---- $40 325dia X 350h 1X20 litre ---- $30...
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    I know of the slight risk of autolysis caused by leaving your beer on the yeast cake for extended times, but does the same thing happen to bottle conditioned beer that is stored for a long time? Isn't it a similar thing - you have beer sitting on top of a mini yeast cake in the bottle. If so...
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    Kirin Beer

    I was reading on the side of a bottle of Kirin First Press Beer from Japan. "Kirins unique art of brewing ensures purity and smoothness. Unlike other beers, only the liquid drawn from the first mix of malt and water is extracted when the ingredients are at their purest. The result is a high...
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    Secondary Racking

    Hi all, I have never racked to a secondary before. A couple of questions. If I racked into a 20L plastic cube, should I put it in the fridge for a while after its finished fermenting or just leave it at room temp for a couple of weeks? Also, seeing as though more of the yeast has fallen out...
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    Chill Haze

    I find that most of my brews develop chill haze. I do k&k at the moment using some extra infused crystal malt and hops. After conditioning in the bottle it looks nice and clear until they go in the fridge. Don't think it affects the taste at all. Is there any way to avoid or remedy this...
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    Crushing Grain

    I am looking at experimenting with some steeped grains. I don't want to have to run off to the HBS for a few grams of grain for every brew. Would it be ok to buy a few kgs of various grains getting the shop to mill them for me, and using them over a few weeks or months if they are stored...
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    I only do K&K at the moment. My brews usually turn out OK, nothing to write home about. Before Christmas I decided to do a little bit of experimenting. I did a Coopers pale ale with a number 2 enhancer which turned out ok. The next brew was the same except I used yeast from cpa bottle. I...
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    Where To Buy Iodaphor

    Would anyone happen to know where I can buy Iodaphor in Adelaide? I am interested in trying some. The brew shop I went to today gave me a vague look and said he had never heard of it :huh: Thanks in advance :)