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    Murray's Open Day At Port Stephens This Sunday

    G'day all, We've finally hit the ground running here at Port Stephens near Newcastle after moving our brewery from Taylors Arm on the Mid North Coast of NSW. The move was a massive mission and I'm still getting over it... But that's another story! We have settled into our new location at the...
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    Murray's Draught Beer At Port Stephens Winery

    G'day all, Just a headsup to all that the Murray's Craft Brewing Co. range - all of it - will soon be available through the Port Stephens Winery on the Nelson Bay Road near Newcastle. We are establishing a presence there which will be increasing over the next few months, starting with our full...
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    Murray's Autumn Ale

    Just a headsup to all Sydney based AHBers. We are releasing a very limited run Murray's 'Autumn Ale' on draught at the Sackville Hotel Balmain starting tonight. We only brewed a small batch of it and it will be on sale at the Sackville Hotel only until it runs out. We've been brewing plenty of...
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    Independent Bottlos In Brisbane

    G'day all, Does anyone know of any good independent bottle shops in Brisbane/Gold Coast area that stock a decent range of local craft and imported beers? Murray's Craft Brewing is looking for outlets in the area and I thought I'd ask local AHBers for a few good places to try. Thanks in...
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    Murray's Craft Brewing Co. - Full Time Position

    G'day AHBers, I thought I'd give everyone on the a headsup that we are looking to expand our staff up here at Murray's. As well as the position below, there is also possibly a part time position to follow in the near future. I'm well and truly affiliated - I work at Murray's already :)...
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    Murray's Brewing Co.

    Just a heads up fellas, I visited a new brewery on the NSW Mid-North coast over the weekend. "The Pub With No Beer Brewery" at Taylor's Arm near Maccsville. THey brew and sell Murray's Brewing Co. beers and I thought they were outstanding. There were 4 beers available, a Belgian Wit style...
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    Bumper Grain Harvest...

    Wonder if this will result in cheaper domestic grain prices?? Somehow I doubt it... Link Shawn.
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    Historic Pub...

    THey've just uncovered this Link in Parramatta. Interesting to see what becomes of it from here... Shawn.
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    New Coopers Lagers

    OK all you SA brewers, how do they taste?? Linky Link Shawn.
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    Spent Yeast Anyone?

    Interesting story. Cooper's and Suntory... Shawn.
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    Gough's New Brewstand

    Here's a few pics of my new brewstand. It has been months in the planning, and being a 'tool challenged' brewer, I wouldn't have it without the help of Mark from Mark's Homebrewing, my HBS here in Newcastle. Thanks heaps Mark :beerbang: It is all gal, and obviously uses gravity rather than...
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    Js Golden Ale

    From The Malt Shovel newsletter that dropped in my inbox: I wonder what sales volume is required before a beer is added to their standard range?? Must have done well. Shawn.
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    End Of An Era...

    The b**tards! Linky link... Gotta love the comment "I wouldn't want to enter a beer garden under those conditions". Those Germans take their beer seriously :beerbang: Shawn.
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    Chuck Hahn

    G'day fellas, I got to meet and talk to Chuck Hahn at a dinner and tasting here in Newcastle last night. He was a really nice bloke and happy to talk brewing and his beers in particular. Among other things he said that the 2005 version of the JS Australian Strong Ale is at the packaging stage...
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    Doma Bohemian Beer Cafe

    Any of you Sydney based boys and girls been here yet? Seems like there are 2 Czech bars competing in Potts Point? Shawn.
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    It's Odd Fermentation Time Again...

    G'day all, I brewed an ag IPA on Saturday just gone - Marris Otter, Target, EKG. 1.061OG, 55IBU. Using the Wyeast 1272 American Ale II yeast 'cause that was what I had in stock, and 'cause I like that yeast. I guess this makes it a Trans-Atlantic IPA :P Anyway, fermented at 19 degrees in...
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    A New Addition!

    Just a quick note on the way back to the hospital... Raise a glass or three AHBers, 'cause I've just become a very proud Dad again :) :) Rosie Aisling entered the world this morning at 7:20, mother and child doing fine, big sister over the moon and dad ecstatic :) Here's to little Rosie...
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    Amarillo Apa Tips

    G'day brewers, I'm planning on a Cascade free APA style brew for tomorrow night and would like some tips from you experienced Amarillo users out there. I've always used Cascade in my APAs, but have some Amarillo and am keen to try this hop. Any suggestions given your Amarillo experiences? I...
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    A Saturday In Sydney...

    G'day fellas, The 2nd annual Gough's Big Beer Day Out in Sydney has been run and won. What a top day out - if only I could afford to do it more than once a year! As promised, a review of the beers and the pubs for those planning something similar. Thanks to Doc and Gerard M for their helpful...
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    2nd Annual Gough's Sydney Beer Tour - Tips?

    G'day fellas, After the raging success of last year's inaugural tour, a very select group of tasters (well, me and the old man to be honest :) ) are again heading to the big smoke on Saturday to do some serious tasting of hopefully the best on offer. Probably start with an LCPA on tap at the...