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  1. keifer33

    Newbie in Perth

    Hey Simon. Welcome to the wonderful world of brewing. Not to take away from these great forums but a lot of action takes place on the Facebook group 'Perth Homebrew Share'. If you haven't already id join up there. There are nearing 2,500 members so bound to be someone parting with rhizomes or...
  2. keifer33

    Heading to Europe - Birmingham, London and Normandy - Any Suggestions?

    If your in Birmingham I'd recommend checking out the Post Office Vaults. Pretty quirky bar that serves a few real ales.
  3. keifer33

    Chrismas in July Lotto 2016

    1. mtb 2. mtb 3. Frasers BRB 4. madpierre06 5. Judanero 6.luggy 7. mosto 8. luggy 9. Killer Brew 10.Grainer 11.Grainer 12.Sixfignig 13.barls 14.gezzanet 15.mattfos01 16.Peter80 17. madpierre06 18. 19.Judanero 20.michaeld16 21.michaeld16 22.Benn 23.Grott 24.kunfaced 25.hophead2 26. 27. bevan 28...
  4. keifer33

    STC-1000 went bang

    I believe alpha is the man behind the incredible coding of the Stc1000+ firmware.
  5. keifer33


    Can you post up a screenshot of your Beersmith profile?
  6. keifer33

    Milk The Funk Collaboration Brew.

    Facebook tells me the event is not available.
  7. keifer33

    Perth newbie

    It is a good piece of kit for the price. Been using mine since late last year and it is meeting my needs.
  8. keifer33

    Perth newbie

    Welcome! Pickup some Starsan sanisiter while you are there as along with fermentation temperature is a big factor in getting drinkable beer at the end. I think Brewmart are having a demo of the Robobrew system so will be a good chance to check out some All-grain brewing while you are there.
  9. keifer33


    I agree on the lifting the malt pipe out Paul. Tried it once solo and until I put a winch in place its a 2 person job. Brewed on mine again yeaterday and had a better brewing experience than the first few. Dialed in my volumes a bit more but after adjusting my crush to get a bit better flow my...
  10. keifer33

    Aging beer with oak instead of barrels

    Think it was this one -
  11. keifer33


    I am quite disappointed with the controller on mine. Have experienced the LCD going off twice. Other issues is there doesn't seem to be a set amount of degrees before the element kicks in and with no apparent way of modifying anything. Also the +/- button is a bit sticky and sometimes gets...
  12. keifer33

    FS: 50L Stainless Robinox Pot - WA (Perth)

    50L Stainless Steel Robinox branded pot with sandwich base. These are a high quality pot and has served me well for around 5 years. Was purchased from Beerbelly (SA) with welded fitting for Ball valve (3 piece) and pickup tube/compression fitting on the inside. A weldless dial thermometer has...
  13. keifer33

    Has the forum jumped the shark?

    Haha I will set up a feed of updates for you. It may also include what people had for breakfast or when they are going on holidays so you will need to filter that info out.
  14. keifer33

    Has the forum jumped the shark?

    I agree Facebook is a vacuum but the as far as getting mass people connected it sadly works. The Perth Home Brewing group on there has nearly 1000 members so its almost a necessity if you want to be involved with the case swaps/barrel projects etc as there is near nil use of forums such as AHB.
  15. keifer33

    Has the forum jumped the shark?

    A few perthies on there but it seems like most have left forums in place of Facebook groups.
  16. keifer33

    Converting a 50L keg for bright beer (or Fermenting) for $25 (plu

    I used thread tape and a small silicon o-ring and it sealed fine.
  17. keifer33

    Converting a 50L keg for bright beer (or Fermenting) for $25 (plu

    I use a 30L keg for something similar and just got a 2" tri clover clamp,seal and blank plate. Drilled a hole in the plate to accept a JG bulkhead and attached a JG ball valve. I can flush with CO2 and vent when required.
  18. keifer33

    FS Per Hop plants

    I'll take a Hallertau if still available.