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  1. sim

    An Introspective

    All in good fun fellas. Cheers to beer, and AHB. A Hey guys, Im new to brewing so go easy on me. What happens when (insert bleedingly obvious question) B "The pathetic ignorance you have displayed just now is making everyone else look very un-cool, and its, like, really...
  2. sim

    Pbw Vs Teflon

    Guys, The PBW label says dont use on teflon things (presumably because it will pull the teflon right off the steel), which got me thinking about teflon thread tape in weldless fittings. I often leave PBW, or napisan, in my kettle, lines and plate chiller, for a couple of days sometimes. I havent...
  3. sim

    Sloppy Marmalade Porter

    Ay lads, a heads up to say my marmalade poter went on tap this week at Archive, for this week only, as part of the BABBs fruit comp. Please get on in and sample, and vote! I copped a slop of it last night, and was very happy. The mamalade isnt overbearing im glad to say, and melds nicely with...
  4. sim

    Plate Chiller

    Im using a plate chiller tomorrow, and dumping straight onto a yeast cake so i dont want to totally roast my yeast with hot wort! So, approx how much 30c ish water are people using to to cool 40 litres of boiling wort to 20c ish, using a plate chiller? If someone can point me toward an...
  5. sim

    To Balance, Or To Enhance

    im making a ridiculously hopped American Amber very soon, and in a nutshell its trad style should lean toward malt, but for my own experimentational satisfaction i will be throwing in a veritable tonne of hops. So, im thinking more Chloride than Sulphate, to highten the malts so as to (my...
  6. sim

    Me New Brewin Rig

    Well, these things dont build themselves... thought i might share the journey in photos. I'd been dickin around with tables and lifting bits, using a pump here or there, and a pallet and sheet of metal to avoid melting the lino. The brew frame was beckoning... bits looked a lot at the brutus...
  7. sim

    Italian Spiral Burner

    Hey, Im strongly considering an Italian Spirial Burner for my new brewin rig, but im wondering how i shall mount it. Does anyone have one theyve installed into a frame, maybe some pictures? Also does anyone know if you can buy them from BeerBelly without the little frame? Cheers
  8. sim


    eclipse brewers. Get your beer, get ourside, and enjoy!
  9. sim

    Extreme Gypsum Addition

    Guys, I'm playing round with some water chem in Beer Alchemy, brewing an English IPA tomorow and looking at targeting Burton water profile. So does 13 grams of Gypsum sound totally extreme? it does to me, but with this addition im still not even on par with the suggested target for that...
  10. sim

    Brewing Software Bicarbonate

    Guys, my brewing software is asking for Bicarbonate concentration. The water report im working from doesn't have it. Can i deduce it somehow from the Hardness and the Alkalinity? Or when they say Hardness does this also mean Bicarbonate?? im zone one/two brisbane if anyones got the magic...
  11. sim

    Welding Steel Mitre Joins

    Guys, im building a brew frame soon, just doing up the design now. Question is: will a noob welder encounter anymore trouble than usuall doing mitre joins? im getting the bits cut by the steel fabrication dudes where im buying it (asuming they can do 45 degree cuts easy), so theyll be...
  12. sim

    Beer Alchemy Program

    Guys, just thought id let anyone know, i just installed the Beer alchemy update as prompted to when i launched it just now, and now its crashing on me. like i cant get it to open. Im not sure how to fix this, and it totally could have to do with me being a bit of a clunk with computers. Ive...
  13. sim

    Oiling Me Pump

    Would anyone like to tell me just how easy it is to oil a march pump, and how naughty i am for not having done this after 50 odd brews? I was recirculaing some cleaning solution through it the other day and the pump was really quite warm after only 10mins or so (the solution was ambient...
  14. sim

    Beer Alchemy Program

    Well this is my first original post, so hello to everyone - i didnt see the "introduce yourself" thread while i was lurking about in the shadows! Just downloaded the demo version of Beer Alchemy, which seems great. im having trouble getting it to sync with my phone though. theyre both on the...