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  1. JakeSm

    Coopers wheat beer

    Maltodextrin is not a fermentable sugar. It does however, add better mouthfeel. So if you use 500g maltodextrin and 500g of dextrose with your kit it will pretty much produce a mid strength beer. The kit tastes great as it is, but if you want a bit more spicyness and zing, steep the hops in...
  2. JakeSm

    Off Flavour in last 3 kits

    if temperature control is not the issue, then i would lean more towards the sanitisation processes used. if all kits had this twang/metallic taste then people would not buy them at all. maybe there is something being used in your brewing that hasnt been cleaned properly after your first brew...
  3. JakeSm

    Boiling Grain For Flavour

    hahahahaha did you know that using hops in cold water work better than boiling them to bitter the brew??
  4. JakeSm

    Boiling Grain For Flavour

    i think that boiling the grains instead of mashing will release some bad flavours or bitter tannins some others would probably agree also. pretty sure its a bad idea. i like to mash mine at around 68 degrees C. works for me. cheers jake.
  5. JakeSm

    First Brew (for A Long Time)

    James, these were my ingredients: 1.5kg Morgans Extra pale Liquid Malt 230g Cracked Wheat 180g Carapils 100g Medium Crystal 800g Light Dried Malt 750g Dextrose 11.5g US-05 Yeasties Hops were: 15g Citra @ 45 mins 15g Amarillo @ 30 mins 15g Cascade @ 20 mins 10g Amarillo @ 10 mins 10g Cascade @...
  6. JakeSm

    First Brew (for A Long Time)

    Hey james, glad to here you getting back into brewing. I have recently put down one very similar to yours and is ticking away nicely. The only thing i would say is to use only 1 can of lme as the last 2 brews i have done with 3kg and has been really sweet in the end tastings. I only used 1.5kg...
  7. JakeSm

    For Sale : 2 X Perlick 525ss Taps

    Just wondering if these are still for sale?? Cheers jake.
  8. JakeSm

    Taps, Tap Handles, Tap Lock Fittings Commercial Keg Stuff

    Just wondering if you have any taps left mate, i need two with handles also?
  9. JakeSm

    Ipa Recipe

    I toast the pearl barley untill golden with some light dried malt sprinkled over it. I use this in my mini mash with the other types of grain. Then proceed as usual to boil the wort adding enough malt to give a gravity of 1.040. Start you hop additions and you all know the rest. I wouldnt use...
  10. JakeSm

    Coopers Ipa - The Can That Just Keeps Giving

    Everything looks good only if your unsure of the amarillo swap out the first 20g addition for 20g of CITRA. Will make it a little more bitter aswell as the AA is slightly higher. I really like the combo of citra and amarillo, and with nelson on top well that would be amazing. Cheers jake.
  11. JakeSm

    Need Idess For A Cerveza.

    Thanks nick, i knew in the back of my head somewhere that cerveza means beet but wasnt sure what else to call it, now i know and thanks for the ideas and you are right with the blandness, though it will probly be for the ladies of the house over summer. Anyone else have any more ideas on a...
  12. JakeSm

    Need Idess For A Cerveza.

    Good afternoon everybody, I am in need of some ideas for a cerveza recipe, as i have never done one using a full extract recipe yet. I have a few cans of morgans extra pale LME in the cupboard and some citra, cascade and amarillo in the freezer. ( about 50g of each ) i also have a tiny bit of...
  13. JakeSm

    My First Cerveza

    Try some saaz hop in your cerveza, its what i used to use and tasted fantastic. Just leave it in some boiling water as mention and you will be happy.
  14. JakeSm

    Taste Of First Brew

    How many times did you open the lid and give it a smell/taste to see what it was like???. That could be your problem, or maybe you used some dirty equipment?? If it was your first brew id say most of the bottles would taste the same, as a one off bottle infection could mean you just havnt...
  15. JakeSm

    Full Extract, Australian Pale Ale Recipe Ideas Please.

    Thanks for the info mate, very helpful. Your method sounds good also, will try that next time. Btw, i didnt let it steep. Cheers jake.
  16. JakeSm

    Ale To The Chief

    Corey, pm me about this beer and i can give you some pointers as a chef on how to burn the honey without taking it too far. You will also need to buy the darkest and bitterest chocolate you can find and include it on the boil. I am using LINDT 85% cocoa as this has less fats and milk products...
  17. JakeSm

    Full Extract, Australian Pale Ale Recipe Ideas Please.

    Oh shit really, lol i didnt know that happened, just noticed when browsing the forums that a few other extract brews did this after the " 0 " min addition. Could you please explain how that happens as i havnt put the brew on yet, will be doing it tonight. Cheers jake
  18. JakeSm

    Ale To The Chief

    yes corey will do, are you attempting to brew with honey at all anytime soon? You should try his english style honey ale?
  19. JakeSm

    Full Extract, Australian Pale Ale Recipe Ideas Please.

    thanks for that Nick but in reading this i think i will go for the american style pale ale as i am using american hops and yeast style. also i have not recultured yeast before although i have looked into it alot, but dont want to stuff a whole brew if havnt got the culture right, so i will be...
  20. JakeSm

    Cascade Imperial Voyager Pale Ale?

    haha i cant wait that long for my beers to age either, but i just keep around 12 tallies from each batch just to see how they age and try one every 2 weeks. works well for me and i get to drink the exciting new