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  1. JaseH

    Power sockets for Kettle

    Anyone know anything about power connectors for hot environments? The IEC C13/C14 connectors I've been using on my kettle are starting to show signs of not holding up to the heat. The plastic around the pins has started to scorch. From what I can see the C15/C16 format power connectors are...
  2. JaseH

    Beermasons no more?

    My old man gave me a subscription to Beermasons a couple of years ago(he paid - I got the beer!). He rang me on the weekend to say that they were no longer - it appears they have shut up shop? Anyone know what happened there?
  3. JaseH

    EOI - To ØL glasses

    I'm loving these glasses(beer's bloody good too!) and am thinking about ordering a few from Denmark - they come in a pack of 6 and will work out to be somewhere around $15each landed I think. I'm probably only wanting a couple so was wondering if anyone is keen on the others at that price? I'll...
  4. JaseH

    Too much NS = onion?

    I just brewed a Black IPA hopped entirely with Nelson Sauvin, inspired by Kooinda's Black IPA. I amped it up a bit though - from my previous IPA experiences I found that with more complex malt in the background you tend to need more hops to cut through. So I went all out and dry hopped with...
  5. JaseH

    Hop combo for dank bomb IPA

    Looking for good hop combos for a piney, resinous, dank, 'grab your balls' bitter AIPA. I'm a bit over the fruit salad IPA's. Anyone have any good hopping suggestions? I'm thinking SN Torpedo on peptides.
  6. JaseH

    Free bottles - Melb. S.E.

    I have 3 crates of empties going into the recycler unless someone wants them. Mostly 330ml with some 500ml, all crown seal. No Longnecks sorry. They have been rinsed and stored inside. Pick up from Cheltenham East.
  7. JaseH

    Artisanale Fresh Wort Kits

    I've been a little slack with the brewing of late, cant say the same for the drinking though! As a result I've found myself in the horrible situation of having 4 dry taps on the kegerator! :o I'm down to my bottled reserves. I've got a few brews planned but noticed these in keg King the other...
  8. JaseH

    Am I Overpitching Belgian Yeast?

    I love Belgian ales but buggered if I can brew one! :( I've attempted 3 belgian style ales this year, a tripel, a dubbel and most recently a saison. The saison is currently in its second week in the primary but its been steady at 1009 for days so I'm pretty sure its done. They first two were...
  9. JaseH

    To Smack Or Not To Smack?

    Whats the opinion on smacking a wyeast smack pack that I intend to split 4 ways? I've read some that do and some that dont. I'm leaning towards not smacking - my simple logic is I don't need to wake them up if I'm just putting them to sleep again?
  10. JaseH

    Extended Protein Rests

    I've been doing a protein rest lately at around 51-52C, I know the normal suggested time period is around 20min but my HLT is a bit slow to get the water up to temp for the next infusion to sacch rest, so my protein rests end up more like 30-40min. Is this likely to have any adverse effects?
  11. JaseH

    Aldi Apple Juice In Melb S.e.

    I'm going to try a cider for the girls - looks like the Aldi apple juice is the place to start but I've been to the 2 local Aldi stores(Moorabbin and Mordialloc) and they dont appear to have it. Anyone know an Aldi store in the Melbourne S.E. region that stocks it?
  12. JaseH

    Diacetyl With 1214

    Currently on my second attempt at a belgian abbey style ale using wyeast 1214 and its looking like I'm producing another diacetyl loaded beer. I've never had issues with diacetyl before and am not sure what I'm doing wrong with this yeast to get it. First beer was a Tripel OG 1.083 FG 1.010...
  13. JaseH

    Grand Ridge Gippsland Gold Pale Ale

    I've passed over this on the shelves at Dans for a while and finally decided to grab one to try tonight, I really like it! Not highly hopped but its all about the malt. A little sweet maybe, but damn tasty! Does anyone have a good AG recipe for this? I'm not that experienced yet developing...
  14. JaseH

    Polyclar & Bottling

    I'm thinking of giving Polyclar a go to get rid of the chill haze I'm getting. By all reports it appears to work well, but most of the info I have found on the forum is from brewers who keg. Does anyone bottle and use Polyclar? I'm wondering if it also causes yeast to drop out and possibly delay...
  15. JaseH

    Vintage/retro Fridges

    Had to show off my new(old) beer fridge I scored over the weekend. Previous owner said his grandma purchased it new and last time it was switched on "it got cold" but wasn't sure how cold and it may need a gas top up? I wasn't confident it would work but the price was...
  16. JaseH

    2l Starter Enough For A Big Belgian?

    If I get a chance this weekend I'm going to try and brew a Belgian Trippel. I have some Wyeast 1214 on its way and plan to split the pack and make a starter with half and store the other half. I have a stir plate and a 2L Erlenmeyer flask. This will be my first time using liquid yeast and first...
  17. JaseH

    My Ipa Is Dead!?

    I brewed a full boil extract IPA which I bottled on 19 Jan. This was my favorite beer out of all my brews so far. Its almost all gone now(RIP) :( ...but the last couple of bottles I've cracked within the last few days are almost a totally different beer? The strong hop aroma and flavor has...
  18. JaseH

    Monster Mill Order

    There is a thread in the Bulk Buys but as this isn't really a bulk buy, and that thread doesn't appear to be going anywhere, I thought I would post here as well. I'm looking to order a Monster Mill in the next week and was wondering if anyone else was interested to halve the shipping cost...
  19. JaseH

    Help With Grain Bill For An Ipa

    I brewed an extract IPA a couple of months ago. Its my favorite drop at the moment and I'm about to run out so decided I better brew it again. I'm now doing AG, so will use the same hop schedule but need to come up with a grain recipe. This was the extract malt recipe: (24L batch size) 3.5kg...
  20. JaseH

    Beer Hunter - The Movie

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but just stumbled across this: I hope they do a good job - I loved his Beer Hunter series.