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  1. fraser_john

    Stainless Steel Fermenter

    Will do a double batch with blow off tube Three piece ball valve Three legs Two rubber seals come with it. Two bung holes in lid. $150 pickup Highton(Geelong)
  2. fraser_john

    Stainless Three Vessel HERMS & stand & heaps more

    All stainless & silicone tubing Two stainless head pumps Still Dragon heater element in kettle Dual PID control one HERMS, one mash, cross linked by NC relay so that only one element runs at a time i.e. can run on a 10amp circuit! Two power controllers, one for boil and another for a top up...
  3. GCB


    GCB Logo
  4. fraser_john

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Hehe I am sure, but, there are many things that go on that are illegal and 99.9% of it is gotten away with, cops are just glorified tax collectors these days. Said advert might get pulled by Gumtree eventually for that reason, but, that is not enforcing the law, just blocking the advert...
  5. fraser_john

    ebay and gum tree finds

    50L of Two Birds Golden Pale Ale $200
  6. fraser_john

    Hilary or Donald

    Be nice if Schwarzenegger could run, but he cannot, have to be US born to be president. I'd have voted for him, though he is a republican he was very progressive and did good things in California whilst Governor.
  7. fraser_john

    Hilary or Donald

    Yeah, it is a worry when his marketing people take away his access to his own Twitter account, yet now he controls access to nuclear weapons. Regardless, the USA is financially bankrupt, just not acknowledged as such. His statements on building a wall was total BS, he cannot start an...
  8. fraser_john

    Hilary or Donald

    I really am not sure why so many Australians are shocked at this. We saw evidence of something similar in our recent election with One Nation. The US populace are deeply disenfranchised with the current political elite that have done nothing for the people and are just sick of being fleeced. So...
  9. fraser_john

    Hilary or Donald

    I voted for an independent..... was not going to vote for either of those two. Gold price going up though, pointing to a Trump win LOL.
  10. fraser_john

    FS - Westinghouse Silhouette II fridge

    Excess to my needs. In good condition, minor crack inside fridge on plastic cover (cosmetic damage only), but otherwise works brilliantly. Outside dimensions: 540 mm D, 500 mm W, 1375mm H Inside dimensions: 450 mm D, 440 mm W, 1000 H (excludes compressor hump and freezer section) $100...
  11. fraser_john

    Pale Ales are so hot right now: Carlton Pale

    I got to try a pint of this last week and agree, for a megaswill version of something that is trying to retain some of its own customers, its a good product. I think I'd buy it over Carlton Draught in just about any pub that did not have something better on tap. That said, I didn't buy a second...
  12. fraser_john

    How come you're on the AHB forum mid-morning?

    Hate my job and anythings better than work
  13. fraser_john

    Moving from overseas, what gear to bring/not to bring

    Yeah, when moving from the USA I was told just to wash stuff, they are more worried about grass/dirt, I had to pay to get my big CubCadet ride on steam cleaned, even though I had it professionally cleaned before packing it into the container. So if there is just dust on it, pressure wash it and...
  14. fraser_john

    Looking for a 15A Timer for my HLT

    Just use a cheap timer wired to drive a 15A SSR
  15. fraser_john

    What are you Brewing 2016?

    Been a long time between all grain brews... hitting the ground running with this for Geelong Craft Brewers Beer Camp 10-19-2016 Black American IPA Recipe Specifics ---------------- Batch Size (L): 24.00 Wort Size (L): 24.00 Total Grain (Kg): 6.56 Anticipated OG...
  16. fraser_john

    Worst equipment purchases

    Feel like since I brewed a few FWK's that all my all grain gear seems a waste, FWKs are just so damn easy and the quality is as good as anything I can do, though, much less variable of course. G&G FWK less than $40 when on sale, which though more expensive than I can make it for, saves me hours...
  17. fraser_john

    Favorite hefeweizen yeast / method.

    Most pre-cursors for esters are formed by the yeast during the lag time, so I use a single 3068 pack in 23 litres of wort, OG somewhere near 1050 no starter. You don't want weizen finishing sweet, should be lower FG, so don't use any form of caramalt in it. I use a 50% wheat 50% pils mix. For...
  18. fraser_john

    brewing software

    Bloody Windoze.....
  19. fraser_john

    OcSober - who's doing it this year

    OcSober Movember FebFast DryJuly (the list goes on but I've lost interest already) FFS sick of charities with their hands out or good doers wanting me to stop doing something. Farkem. Besides, it's my birthday in October and I'm gonna have a couple.