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  1. fraser_john

    Stainless Steel Fermenter

    Will do a double batch with blow off tube Three piece ball valve Three legs Two rubber seals come with it. Two bung holes in lid. $150 pickup Highton(Geelong)
  2. fraser_john

    Stainless Three Vessel HERMS & stand & heaps more

    All stainless & silicone tubing Two stainless head pumps Still Dragon heater element in kettle Dual PID control one HERMS, one mash, cross linked by NC relay so that only one element runs at a time i.e. can run on a 10amp circuit! Two power controllers, one for boil and another for a top up...
  3. fraser_john

    FS - Westinghouse Silhouette II fridge

    Excess to my needs. In good condition, minor crack inside fridge on plastic cover (cosmetic damage only), but otherwise works brilliantly. Outside dimensions: 540 mm D, 500 mm W, 1375mm H Inside dimensions: 450 mm D, 440 mm W, 1000 H (excludes compressor hump and freezer section) $100...
  4. fraser_john

    Ouch - that pricey really?

    To say I rarely go out anymore is probably still an understatement. Why bother? We cook better food at home, have beer that is equal to just about any available on tap, got a good TV for watching sport etc etc etc. So, when I met my wife and some of her ex-work collegues for a drink at a trendy...
  5. fraser_john

    June meeting - AGM

    This months meeting, on Friday 24th June is hosted by the President at: Warralily Lounge 844 Barwon Heads Rd Armstrong Creek Meeting will start at usual 7:30pm time. This is our AGM, it is important that all members attend the meeting to ensure you get your say! Non members are also more...
  6. fraser_john

    May Meeting - Oatmeal Stout Comp

    Hello brewers, this months meeting will be this Friday night, please contact the secretary or visit the website for details. It is our Oatmeal Stout competition, aligned with the Westgate Brewers Stout Extravaganza competition, so bring your entry along and be ready to send one along to...
  7. fraser_john

    Ball valves leaking under suction?

    For GABF I had an interesting bit of feedback that made me watch my hot side very closely last time I brewed. The comment was always around "oxidation". Now, oxidation without acetaldehyde means it has to be hot side aeration. Don't start on about it does not matter for home brewers, because...
  8. fraser_john

    Southern Bay Brewing - Brewing Job

    FYI - no direct affiliation... Please refer to this Or this copy/paste: We need new blood on the brew crew! Please share with anyone you think might be interested. Details below... Southern Bay Brew Co. – Brewer Due to a restructure of the business, Southern Bay Brew Co. requires an entry...
  9. fraser_john

    Geelong Craftbrewers Website

    Currently we are experiencing connection time outs, hosting company has been alerted to the issue and has indicated it is a server fault with an unknown resolution time. Please monitor our facebook group page for more information.
  10. fraser_john

    Whitelabs Vault Interesting, there is an ale yeast isolated in Melbourne from the 1900s! Looks like some interesting strains.
  11. fraser_john

    Long drip tray - anyone tried a shower drain

    Something like this? I figure cut the drain connector off and seal it up and it should make a pretty good, long, stainless drip tray for a pretty reasonable price. Thoughts? Anyone used something along this line? Thinking we might use it for the clubs 8-tap portable bar.
  12. fraser_john

    Portable Bar Build

    Geelong Craft Brewers had decided to build a bit of a portable bar, our annual break up camp was always a bit of a mess with people bringing all sorts of ice, bins etc. The club wanted to give something back to the members, so it was decided. We picked up some coolroom panels off ebay for $70...
  13. fraser_john

    Damn AusPost - rant

    <rant> JHC ordered three Whitelabs vials from Keg King, they shipped it promptly (thanks!) as I got the notification last Tuesday. Here it is the following Monday and I get the notification it is at my PO Box, 6 days later, to go 100 odd kilometers from Melbourne to Geelong. 6 farking days...
  14. fraser_john

    Wooden bottle crates - DIY

    I don't typically bottle my beer, being a keg person. But, for competitions I am starting to brew some beers that need some age or are strong enough that I don't want them on tap or taking up a keg. Flyinhi was good enough to donate me a heap of bottles, but then I had the problem of storage...
  15. fraser_john

    2016 Brewer Of The Year

    The beers are finalised and the calendar is out! Non members can check the Events Calendar for when Geelong Craft Brewers meets, not all calendar entries are yet in place, though all the Brewer Of The Year competition meetings have been drafted. Members can log in and see the 2016 Brewer Of...
  16. fraser_john

    2015 Top 5 - Recipe Booklet

    Hi all, for those interested in seeing some of the recipes of the winning brews, head over to our website to download the PDF recipe booklet. Note that not all recipes were provided to us, so some are missing, if they come through, I'll update the document. Cheers
  17. fraser_john

    Ellerslie - What has happened to them?

    Couple of things: 1) Search for Ellerslie using search function, then select one of the links that are returned "Error not found" 2) Most importantly, their site won't load Any one know anything about whether they are still selling to brewers?
  18. fraser_john

    Flaming little bastards - nabbed them

    So yesterday (Wednesday 28th October), out for my usual four or five loops of my court walking, about 5:50am. Get to the entry to the court an older Mercedes drives past me I have never seen, I think to my self odd. As I turn and head back towards my place the car stops in the middle of the road...
  19. fraser_john

    October Meeting

    Please refer to the calendar of events on our website
  20. fraser_john

    Beer Competition Software - BCOE - any experience

    Found here Is any other club in Australia using it? I've installed it and had a bit of play and it appears very nice with ability to pay via pay-pal etc. Nice handling of sponsors, brewers, stewards etc etc. Problem I am finding is defining the AABC styles. I...