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  1. Steve@PMF82

    Hops For Sale

    These pellet hops are surplus to my needs. They have been stored in the freezer and vacuum sealed. Would rather sell them as one lot, probably will get away with 500g post bag, total weight being 504g But happy to sell individual items if that's the way it plays out. Buyer pays postage...
  2. Steve@PMF82

    Bad Yeasties..

    Here is a new one guys and girls. Me: Do you want a beer? Dad: nah Me: why not? Dad: im not drinking beer anymore. (note usually only drinks at golf club, usual mega swill varieties) Me: why not? X 3 Dad: nutritionist says that the yeast in the beer is bad for my skin. me: ahh the beer...
  3. Steve@PMF82

    Made From Beer

    So they always play this ad a lot on fridays during the footy. I am slightly under the influence of beer and wondering how do i make beer into carlton draught beer? This is the Pub and im not looking for a shit flinging on megas, just wondering what everyone thinks they mean or want you to...
  4. Steve@PMF82

    I Have Been Educated

    Just so everyone knows, JSAA clone, Bright Ale clone, Drs Golden Ale are all not REAL beers....unlike XXXX I know these threads come up before, but i have no where else to vent.. I dont care either way if people want to drink those commercial varieties, but it shits me when ignorant wankers...
  5. Steve@PMF82

    Stuffed Up Priming

    Hey all Just wondering if someone out there with the maths ability to help me work out how much i have under primed by? 4th AG brew, just a APA, priming my bottles using LDME - mixed with water to make into a solution. This is the second time i have primed this way, got it right the first...
  6. Steve@PMF82

    Broo Premium Lager

    Just caught the end of this " report" aka add on Today Tonight while flicking.. A new PREMIUM LAGER called " BROO" didnt catch the details, made by some battler who runs a pub or something. Anyone tried it? They claiming its Australias best PREMIUM LAGER.. :rolleyes: thought i better let...