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  1. Keg King

    Blichmann Engineering products to be available from Keg King soon

    Starting a new thread to share the exciting news that Blichmann Engineering and Keg King have agreed to distribute each other's products in their home countries. Please see the attached media release. Keg King and Blichmann have been in discussions for some time and found that each party had...
  2. Keg King

    PET Kegs and more

    Starting a new thread here about PET Kegs for the home and craft brewers. A competitor of ours suggested on AHB recently for people to try using one of our low cost fermenters in a trial to see how well beer would store for 3-6 months. We cannot gauge the motive behind this accurately but...
  3. Keg King

    Keg King Conversation

    Thanks to all the brewers on this forum who asked why we were no longer able to be here and encouraged us to keep trying. We're glad to be back and sponsoring the forum once again. Lots of good things have happened and we look forward to sharing with you about the products we are developing to...